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My puppy has a lump in area he got a shot

My puppy of 2 month got his shot almost two weeks ago. within one day he has a huge lump in the area he got a shot. It first appeared today so the limp popped up really quick which I find to be very odd. Its around the size of a tennis ball, maybe half the size. It doesn't hurt him when I feel around it, it hasn't changed his personality or routine. He is still very playful and acts the same way. what are some possibilities that this could be?
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This could be an inflammatory reaction to the vaccine.  It could also be an abscess.  You can try applying warm compresses for about 10 mins a few times a day.  If it is an abscess, it would probably have to be lanced and drained.  If you aren't sure, best to consult your Vet or at least call, tell them what is going on and see what they advise.
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