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NEED ADVICE!!!!!!?????????

I have an older, I guess she is about 10, Lab mix. Her name is Missy. We had her sister Harley but she has since passed. I still think about her alot. I miss Harley very much at times. My question is we came home from dinner tonight and Missy was laying on our bed as usual. I went to her to love on her, she moved away and looked "green around the gills". I touched her back and I felt her shiver like she was cold. She had a hard time getting down off the bed. Thinking maybe she has a little arthritis (I can relate to sore bones). Can I give a dog Tylenol or aspirin. I have heard you can give them one but not the other and I cant remember what?????
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I think the best thing is to find out the cause of her pain, if you think she has pain (it sounds like it if she was shaking and shivering)
If the 'poop all over the kitchen' was diarrhea, that's another thing. There's something going on, perhaps she was feeling belly pain, not just joint pain. (if it was her who did it)

Go with her to the vet and get her checked out. Best thing I think.
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hey i dont know what to tell ya really. many meds affect the body,only a vet should determine an objective answer.
An E.R almost killed me a while back, liver & kidney poisoning, due to a common "anti inflammatory" med, that i was not supposed to get...
most of the medication is really bad.
human vs canine metabolism can be pretty different, with my dog, i might have preferred a muscle relaxant and look into high quality law side affect anti inflammatory,if vet agrees.
the thing is most research in these things are kinda shifted... pharmaceutical monopoly. even much of the "double blind experiments" can be regulated...
what i WOULD do and DO with my girl is sit near her pet (but really palpate...) and watch her closely for signs of retreat\ pain( be careful of her teeth!) slowly and dominantly warm her up try to loosen her and perform passive movement (INTELLIGENTLY!) see how she reacts.
healthy bones\muscle tissue mend themselves in ways such as that,when slight trauma is presented to a bone, microscopic fractures occur,and re-build\mend via secretion of a calcifying tissue,and with that conditioning itself better to such SLIGHT trauma. via massage & passive exercise,for short period sessions.if there is proper body function,such activities may improve muscle\skeletal tissue basically by conditioning it, elevating WBC in the area and endorphines(that would relieve pain as-well) the cool thing there if the condition is not acute it could help fighting an inflammation.
but it any case it's always best to consult an expert on the subject(but do use your own intelligence with any "advice" by anyone, Dr, vet "orders, etc,etc...
sorry if this is just long with no desired answer, it's the best i'm up to do.
i myself suffer from severe chronic pain, and sadly on a very high dosage of opiates.
last night was very painful and still is,so i cant be to sure of my own capability due to such elements, and of course,lack of sleep...
i trust you would look into any action you decide to take in a knowledgeable informed and yet somehow understood fashion.
here's a toast for a fast recovery and long lasting comfort,

i know i sent you this on to you inbox, but i'v decided to put it here as-well.
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Welcome.....NO!!!!!......Tylenol is toxic to dogs!!!!  You can try aspirin for a short period...Overuse can cause bleeding ulcers...The dose is 5mg. per lb. every 12 hrs....

She does need to be examined by a Vet....They can prescribe better pain management medication than aspirin....With her age and such, you need to find out what she's dealing with.....She can live comfortably for many years with pain medication from your Vet......Good luck and please come back with updates......Karla
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Hey, thanks for answering! Can I give her tylenol???
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hey i think this is for a vet.
my girl has some joint,spine,and tail issues\conditions. but she's stubborn and brave,hides pain stupidly! but i can see when...
i do some passive stretching with her + massage and passive rocking with a light bounce to help take her mind off some of the less enjoyable treatments i do.
i know your dog is a heavy one, and should be palpated by someone with experience.
you know, lab's are prone to hind probs,an x-ray might be needed as-well.
speedy recovery!
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I guess I need to add when I came home from work the other day, there was poop all over my kitchen. Dont know if it was from Missy or not. We have two dogs. Maybe she is just getting old???
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