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Hello! I have a 5 year old husky/GSD/black lab mix she is fixed. She gets bladder infections constantly and no one can tell me why! I've had her on antibiotics and those work, but as soon as she's taken off of them she urinates 5-10 minutes after drinking water until all the water is out of her system and occasionally has drops of blood in her pee. I've had her on special food and that doesn't help, I've taken away treats (my poor baby) and that doesn't help. She is currently eating diamond chicken and rice formula and was previously eating Purina dog chow which i now Does has tendencies to give dogs infections. She's had x-rays taken and there are no kidney or bladdar stones. I asked if it could be cancer and the vet told me "she's too young for cancer to be a possibility" she's been to two different vets now and no one has the slightest clue. Does anyone have any clue???
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Let me ask...How is the Vet diagnosing the infections??? What procedure?? First, your vet must draw a sterile urine sample from the bladder with a needle....The sample MUST BE sent to a lab for a culture to be grown, to determine what kind of infection shes dealing with & in order to choose the correct antibiotic to treat the specific infection....It's the only way it works.... Reoccuring infections are normally the original infection that was never cleared up completely.....After 2 weeks of antibiotics, you must test again to make sure it's clear or it will all come back....Moisture is the key to keeping the bladder/kidneys working well & flushed.....She should never completely live on dry food for this reason....Add high quality canned or even better, fresh foods, to her bowl as half of her meals daily....Add a dollop of plain yogurt to all meals, also....She also needs to be on a better dry food if you must feed it part time.....Hope this helps...
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They collect a urine sample and test while at the vet. I will try these suggestions!! Thank you!!
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