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Need help with Rescued Momma Dog!

Ok not sure what topic to list this as as it is a couple different things. First she has managed to chew a sore on the pad of her right front paw so she is not walking on that foot. I have put neosporin on it and cleaned the spot. I thought maybe at first it was because she was so covered in flees but I have bathed her and placed Frontline one spot treatment on her.

I don't think she injured it any other way since her favorite past time is to lay on my couch with me. The second thing I need help with is sort of gross/funny either way you may view it, but needs to be resolved. She is very gassy. She farts constantly, and not those quiet ones you can't hear but the ones you can hear from across the room. She loves to lay by me on the couch or tries to sneak in bed with me, and I would love to let her but not until this stinky problem is resolved...

Please help me to help her! Any advice is welcome!
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Thanks for taking in this rescue!!

First, lets address the flea issue.  One application of Frontline will certainly help, but you will need to continue applying the medication each month until the fleas are totally gone.  Unfortunately, the majority of the fleas you will be dealing with are now present in your carpets, hardwood floors, or furniture as eggs or flea larva.  So, my point is to continue using the Frontline for a couple more months and also get your home treated.

Next, dogs chew on their feet, legs, etc because of irritations.  It could indeed be due to the fleas, but since she does not want to use the foot, I would have a veterinarian check it out.

Finally, what kind of food is she on?   Often, a change of diet can help these gassy dogs and make life better for everyone.

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Thank you for responding... Not sure if you read the last post I did about this dog and how I came to own her.

I have her on purina dog chow and purina can food to try and get her back up to proper weight. I will try to switch to a better food and see if that will help.

The vet has already been contacted and she will be going soon over her foot.
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Sometimes dogs chew at their feet because something has got stuck there....mine did that once (she never did it before, and never since) and when I looked I saw nothing. But when I got a magnifying glass out and looked through that, I noticed a really tiny thin, almost transparent thorn, which was embedded. I got it out with tweezers.
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I do remember seeing your previous post, but I admit, I did not go back to re-read the story...I just think its great that you are giving this mom a loving home.

You are going to get a HUGE number of opinions on what food is best to feed as everyone has their favorite.  For me personally, I think that if you can find a high quality food (like Iams, Science Diet, Nutro, Evo, or hundreds of others) and she likes the food and it reduces the amount of gas, then you are good to go.  I know people have issues with some of the bigger pet food companies, but the facts remain that companies like Hill's and Iams opened our eyes to how important nutrition is to our pets.  Both of these companies (along with Purina) continue to research how we can provide our companions with even better diets that are convenient for owners and good for the pet.

If you want to stay with Purina, I would move up from dog chow and try their O.N.E. forumulation or even the ProPlan formulation.  I feed Iams to my Mastiff pup and I don't have TOO many problems with gas...keep in mind that I have a 2 yr old son who likes to share his dinners with the dog as well!  :-)

Talk with your veterinarian about his/her recommendations for diet...
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Well after both me and my mom trying to find the problem and then going home yesterday and finding her foot swollen I called the vet and got her in last night. She has scarcoptic (sp) mange and he believes that she was digging at her foot which caused a cut in her pad in her foot and then an infection in her foot.  He dipped her in a special dip, gave her a shot of antibiotic, and treated her foot with antibitotics. He instructed me to continue trying to soak  her foot in epsom salt and packing it with a mixture of triple antibiotic ointment and bag balm and to place a sock over her foot to keep her from chewing at it as well.  Also, he gave her a pill to kill the fleas so that the frontline doesn't have to work as hard and can work quicker.

He ran blood test on her for the gas situation but is certain it is because she went from starving to being fed and that once she gets used to the food she will stop having the gas.

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Your truly a good woman to take those dogs in care for them and take her vett that all cost money and that is such a sweet thing...
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OK guys I need more help!!! One of the puppies has developed an infection in or outside of the ear. He has a huge Knot on the outside of his ear and it stinks bad! It looks like puss has drained from the ear but the ear looks clean the knot is below the opening of the ear and is hard.

I don't have anymore money for vet bills since just taking the momma dog and the vet won't see him without payment right then.  Please some give me an idea of what to do!

Also, I do not see any cuts, bites or anything that would have caused this type of infection.
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It sounds like an abscess. But of course I cannot be sure. By far the best option is to take him to a vet..... I don't really like suggesting home made cures when I can't see him, am not a vet anyway........

It would be bad if the infection spread. Do you have Neosporin powder? You could bathe the swelling, then apply that.

Alternatively (as I always say, because it does work for all kinds of infections) you could use Echinacea Angustifolia herbal tincture. Bathe every few hours.

Warm salt water will help. If it is an abscess, it may not have fully drained. It is important to keep the wound OPEN. Don't let it heal on the surface before it has fully drained and is clear. Bathe frequently with cotton wool pads and warm salt water. Don't re-use the pads. Every time use a new one.

But as I said, the best option is the vet. If that is possible.
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Thank you for your help. I took the puppy to my mom's house and showed her and pulled on her heart strings a bit and she took him to the emergency vet in Waco. They lanced the spot so the puss could drain and packed with antibiotics. Also gave me cefalexin (sp) to give him twice a day for two weeks.
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thats good glad he got help needed
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Update on momma and pups!

Momma is looking real good, gaining hair back where she had chewed herself raw and is gaining weight rapidly. She is also not having as much flatuation since the change of food.  She is doing much better and thanks me everyday with kisses for saving her.

Pups are also gaining color to their gums, gaining proper weight, and are ready for adoption. I have posted an add and have already found homes for 2 of them. Homes that I believe will be good ones since the people drove over 2 hours to pick them up.
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That's good news. I'm so glad things are getting better with all of them. You have done a good thing for all those dogs!
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that is wonderful news so glad...
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