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Neighbor from...well not HEAVEN

I just have a question,I know this isnt a health issue but since were all dog lovers here..My neighbor behind us has called the cops on on 5 times in the last few months because our dogs were barking at night,while she was trying to sleep.I live in a small community that comes to houses if you have a complaint.So she calls, they come out to the our house......which makes my two dogs bark more..why?Because they are dogs and even big dogs get scared or in protective mode when someones out there.So now at night we have to bring our 2 big dogs inside in fear she will call again.Heres a little info on her,after we moved in we were warned she has called the cops on EVERY Tenant who has ever lived here,with a dog..now you would think the cops would say something to her to maybe have her think twice about pickin up the phone,but no..since theres no action going on where I live,they wellcome the house visits they make.Heres the kicker,the lady has two dogs of her own that when she goes to work bark.Do I care?No they are dogs!!!!!!!!!Plus I would never want someones dogs to get taken away or anything to happen because that is just awful.I dont want to have to debark them,and im being honest they dont bark constantly throughout the day..its just if someones out there or if they hear something loud to them.Anyone else go through this?
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Our dogs stay inside at night, so I've had the reverse problem.  Many of our neighbors isolate their dogs in the back yard day and night so they have no human interaction or socialization at all.  Because of that, the only thing they have left to do is bark. During the day is no problem, but I have to admit that the incessant barking at night makes me crazy.  I've never called the cops on them though.  (Like our cops would show up out here anyway!)  I often wondered how the owners could sleep through all the racket when everyone within two blocks went sleepless.  Much as I love to sleep our windows open on the rare occasions we have cool weather, I can't do it for all the critter noise.  There's even someone who used to keep peacocks and they were worse than dogs.  LOL!

In your area, the law is probably on your neighbor's side.  Most communities have noise ordinances after 10:00 p.m. that include barking dogs.  Anyway, it's better for your dogs to stay inside at night so they're out of weather extremes.  It's also not unheard of for crazy people to shoot or poison barking dogs as a remedy, and I'm unwilling to take that chance however remote.  Besides, we get a kick out of having the dogs snooze in the house with us.  :-)

Is there a reason you keep them out?  If you want them to do guard duty, believe me, they'll still know what's going on outside and let you know about it.  LOL!

There was a similar case to yours with a woman who lives around the corner from us. Her son is autistic and she got a German Shorthair Pointer as a companion for him.  The dog really helps him settle down and concentrate and is basically a therapy dog. This lady's neighbor kept calling the cops and complaining that the GSD was barking 24/7, and the dog lived in the house except when he was playing with the child!  Turns out the neighbor was deliberately provoking the dog by spraying him with a hose and throwing rocks and sticks at him, or slamming the adjoining fence.  Once he got the dog barking out of its mind, the jerk would call the police.  He's even purposefully opened the fence and let the dog out - presumably hoping he would run away and never come back.  It took video tape to prove to the cops what was really going on.

Use caution with that woman behind you.  I'd hate to think she would go so far as to actually harm your dogs, but you never know.  Have you tried having a civil conversation wtih her about the issue?  Sometimes that goes a whole lot better than letting the police be the go-betweens.
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I am sorry you have a problem neighbour.  I know people who have had problems with neighours and once they have one thing to whinge about they often find many others.

Are you able to section off a smaller area outside to put your dogs in at night?

My dog has a huge yard to roam and play in during the day but I have a smaller fenced area closest to the house that he goes in at bed time.  I also feed him and keep his water in this area.

My mum had a simillar problem with her dog running around the yard at night barking at anything that made a noise.  She also gated up a smaller area where his kennel is and he sleeps all night with no barking now.

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We have four dogs and they don't bark much except for the shih tzu.  We bought him a collar and if he barks lemon scented spray comes out.  I don't like using it but it helps.  Now we just show him the collar and he stops barking.

Too bad it didn't work for our neighbors who play loud music every day.

Hope it works out for you.


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Heres the part that makes me irate!!!!They were locked up in the garage at night!!!!!!!She told the cop that she could still hear them because her window is facing where they are.I want to tell her to invest in a fan!We dont hear anything if we keep our fan on...no instead she wants  to call the cops for issues like these..i think its really sad.
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Is there a reason why the dogs are not in the house with you guys at night?  I know ours would bark if they were out, for sure.  
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Well we have 4 dogs,two small dogs......and then theres the 2 pittbulls.They are husband and wife.They love people but do not get along with other animals.So they are the outside dogs and the small are the inside..Although now the large ones come and sleep with us in our bed because of the neighbor!We love our pitbulls just as much as the other two,they get plenty of love and attention although they are outside dogs:)
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We have 4 dogs.  They all sleep in bed with us.  2 Dobes, a Great Dane, and a doxie.  

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ROFL!  And here I thought I was bad with just one 70-pounder in a king size bed with us!  Doc joins me with Maggie until Hubby comes in and after he gets up in the morning and they turn me into a dog sandwich. Just how big of a bed do you have anyway?  :-D
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LOL we would have all four of ours in our king size bed if the big ones got along with the little ones!:)
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Hey, I have neighbors that are from....NOT HEAVEN. We raise Boxers, LOVE EM!!!! Neighbors are constantly sticking their nose in it though. Our fawn Female Harley, LOVED to lay in the sun. It could be 100 degrees and she would still lay in the sun, they would come over all the time and say "Harley needs to get out of the sun, she doesnt look good" They would call the police and tell them that she was outside for days and nights with no food water or shelter. Funny thing is, Harley slept curled up inbetween hubby n me EVERY NIGHT. So we got to the point where we left her inside everytime we left, UNTIL we came home and she had eaten the couch, we had to take her to the vet to have  her stomach cleaned out, so we invested in a cage, we came home and she had beaten herself against the cage until she was bleeding, (did i mention she has seperation anxiety?) so we bought a muzzle ( i am totally against them, but i was running out of options), came home and she had EATEN the muzzle and the stair rail. So FORGET IT, she will go everywhere we go. Worked well actually, and when she couldnt go where we were going she went to visit her boyfriend Apollo and my sister inlaws house. So the day came......July 31st 2007, back to school sale at KMART in the next town over. Gas isnt cheap and my sister inlaw needed to go shopping too. So with SIL going, she couldnt be babysat, with it being 102 degrees out she couldnt stay in the car, reluctantly we put her on a chain inside our FENCED IN yard. We left for 4 hours, came home, and the dog was gone! We believe the neighbor stole her and took her to a relatives house, but have no proof. Needless to say, we installed cameras to watch our yard now incase we ever have to leave Annie out alone. Harley is still missing, and we're still missing her. =(

Dont take chances with Petty neighbors that avoid their own issues just to poke at  yours. Keep the dogs inside!
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Go to the police station and pay (chump change) for a report on your address for all the times the police were called...they will print,,,,,and if there is a history of numerous calls from neighbor, the same neighbor, you can take that to a JP Judge and retain a "Peace Bond" at no cost to you,....only cost is the report from police station, you want the history on this address....and your time...people get reports all the time,,,,and a Peace Bond merely states that a harmonious peace between 2 parties.....it works....
Or, you can try to go meet w/her in person, and work an agreement out, let her be in charge of helping you w/solutions to help her w/the annoying behavior of supposedly your dogs. Sometimes people just like to feel control, and you can just let them think it...
Good Luck!!
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Will this report show the history with the pre existing people who lived here before us?The neighbor told us that she had a history of calling on everyone whos lived here with dogs...it makes me sick how the cops know this and have not told her ANYTHING!We recieved in the mail,a letter from the department saying if we recieve anymore complaints from her we will get a citation.
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I had a dog who would bark alot and I used to live in a neighborhood with tons of dogs and this lady who lived in the house behind ours called us like a million times even at night when our dog was in the house to tell us to get them to stop barking. Usually it wasn't even our dog who was barking!! I don't know how she got our phone number because she didn't know our name but she would call at one am to say that our dog who we would be looking at at this exact time was outside barking!
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Yes, ask the dispatcher at the front desk of police dept for the history on your address, it could 1-10 pages, and you have to pay...and go from there, if they print only this year then ask to go further back....
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