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Neuter question

Our 6-month-old puppy got neutered a few days ago.  Before that he rarely tried to hump things, only occasionally during play.  Since he's been home from the surgery he is almost constantly attempting to hump his blankets, his bed and sometimes even people.  Is this normal?  Will it pass?
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I've never heard of that happening as a result of neutering. It takes a few weeks for the neutering to affect their systems and reduce the testosterone levels. Is it possible that there is a female dog in heat nearby that he can smell? Or is there a new animal or person in the house? Humping is often a show of dominance. Some neutered males and even females will display it. If he was already displaying this behavior before 6 months of age, then he may just be predisposed to it. Neutering usually helps reduce the behavior, but the affect is not immediate.
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