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New Behavioral symptoms, Very Clingy in PM, has Diabetes, had GR 2 Mast Cell tumor removed

New symtptoms:  (See recent relevant medical history below) In early Dec. 2010, my 10 year old Maltese male began scratching at the bed in the middle of the night. He usually sleeps and prefers to be in his own bed, in the bedroom.  He was shivering severely and his body was very cold, including paw pads.  It was Not cold in the house.  Picked him up and warmed him up and after a fairly short amount of time he was then panting.  After this, the entire next day he followed me Everywhere, tail drooping, hanging down.  Very unusual for this Maltese as he is usually a Very Happy dog.  He was extremely needy and wanted to be held and stroked constantly.  After approx. 24 hours his behavior seemed to change back to normal, and I thought it had passed.  I called his vet who is treating him for the diabetes, explained his symptoms and the vet offered no diagnosis.  His symptoms occurred again after several days, but without the trembling and cold body.   I took his temperature; it was between 100 and 101, so basically normal.  I took him to another vet hoping for a diagnosis, but again no diagnosis offered.  These symptoms have now occurred again on Dec. 17 - Dec. 18.  PLEASE HELP.  We are exhausted and don't know what to do.  He doesn't wimper and although it would seem by his behavior that he is in pain he doesn not groan or cry out.  He has to be coaxed to eat when he has these symptoms but he usually will east something - bits of chicken breast, or hypoallergenic biscuits.  His symptoms seem to begin and get worse from approx. 12 Midnight to 9AM the next morning.    

Recent Medical History: My 10 year old male Maltese was diagnosed with diabetes in the Summer 2010.  He's now fairly regulated and is on 11 units of Humulin injections 2X a day.  In Nov. 2010 he had a tumor removed from his belly that was diagnosed as a grade 2 mast cell tumor.  The good news, no metastasis anywhere else in his body with tests for bone marrow, lungs, urine, etc.  Please help.

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An anti-cancer diet and Neoplastine may be valid considerations for you to help keep your dogs Mast Cell Tumor in check.

Neoplastin is available from Gold Mountain Botanicals.

Calculation and monitoring your dogs insulin and glucose dosages twice daily is essential for proper regulation of canine diabetes. Your dogs signs of trembling and being cold etc are generally signs of low blood sugar reflecting a need for correction of insulin dosages. Should you want to follow up with me, that would be fine.

Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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