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New post for dshelly77: Kidney Failure

Hi dshelly77.  I saw your post on the very long, and very old thread about kidney failure.  I've copied and posted here to a new thread so more people will be likely to see it.  :-)

My dog Sheba was diagnosed with Kidney Failure about two weeks ago. She spent a week in the hospital and has been on subcutaneous fluids for about a week now. My dog is in Boston with my parents but I live in Chicago and i'm hoping she can hold on until I go home on Friday (today is sunday). I didn't think she's as far along as some of the dogs I've read about on here. However, this morning my family called me to tell me they think she's had a seizure. I skyped them and saw her. She seemed to have recovered - she's drinking water, urinating and walking around. I'm just not sure how far along she is and was hoping someone could tell me at what point their dogs started to seizure. Sheba's had a great life, she's an 11/12 year old pitbul, the sweetest dog in the world and very much a part of our family, like all of your dogs. I don't want her to suffer but I want to be there with her when she goes.....
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