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New rescue dog..

I just got a rescue dog about a month ago, she was mistreated and was in bad shape when found.  They had to pull all her teeth but four so its hard to tell her age.  They guessed from 5-8 yrs, my vet said she looks more like 8.  She has a few health issues, dry eyes and will always have to be on meds, a heart murmur and mitral valve problem.  Most of which traits in this breed.

She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she is so adorable, loving  and just the best.  She is doing really well and we have spoiled her so much. She never leaves my side.

Its so interesting getting a dog that is not a puppy, you have so much to learn about them since between birth and 8 yrs they have been thru things that we don't know about.  But I am enjoying it...

Will be watching this group more now.

hugs, meg
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Hi Meg & welcome.....Thank you so much for taking this girl...My hat & heart are off to you! Yes, these kind of adventures are the BEST!

I suspect the Dry Eye & Heart Problems have both been caused by the severe periodontal disease....Most people don't know that 80-85% of ALL dogs have some sort of Periodontal Disease by the age of 3.....Left untreated, it can and will lead to exactly what your little one has...What's her name? Welcome to her, too....

I just had a Cavalier in my home as a foster...He was found tied to a pole starving to death, if his parasites didn't get him first......He was here for a month for me to get him well & then we found him a wonderful home in a City 60 miles from here....His new parents just emailed me pictures and a note...I was delighted! Yes, he too, was a pleasure.....

I'm glad your enjoying her & I know she is grateful to be there......Bless you again for sharing your home with this needy little girl......You've made my evening!!!!!!      Take care, Karla

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Hi Meg. Hats off to you. Another dog saved and another loving home found. I have had 6 dogs during my life and all but one were rescues. They all come with baggage, but for me that sometimes makes them that more adorable, as they have a history that we just have to try and figure out as we go. All my rescues turned out to be the most affectionate and loyal of friends, despite the many issues some of them have had. Well done again ... enjoy every minute. It's fantastic that you both found each other. Tony
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys !  Her name is Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

My last dog passed not long before we got Cindy, she was15 and her heart was giving out so Cindy was a God send. Will tell you the story sometime.

I need to get my b**t in gear here, got things to do.

hugs, meg
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Hi Meg, and WELCOME!!!  Congratulations on your new best friend and God Bless You for getting her out of such a bad situation into such a loving home!  There's a special place in Heaven for folks like you.  :)

I love her name!  LOL!  I look forward to hearing about Cindy's progress and would love to see pics of her!  :D

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I am so fortunate to have found her.  We had talked about getting a rescue a couple days after my little Molly died.  A day or two after that I had a talk with God, which I do quite often, and told him II needed some help here and wanted Him to look out for me.

I had always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I also wanted a rescue dog.  I would not pay that kind of money on another dog..nor could I pay it.  I have always believed in God and we have little "talks" now and then but He just outdid Himself this time.  This all took place in a week or so.

So a day or two after that, I opened  Petfinder and stared right in the eyes of my dog..she was ready for adoption at place a few miles from me.  I called them and we met that day and we took her home the same day.   I just knew it was to be !!

Almost all King Charles's will get a mitral valve condition sometime in their lives which will lead to heart failure.  And she has "dry eye"  and she cannot hear either.  Along with a heart murmur..actually both of us suffer the same problems..lol

Probably repeating myself, early dementia...Really !!   I do worry about her a lot though..its hard to turn it all over to God ..

Thanks for listening to me go on...


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