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Newly adopted Pitbull Terrier Mix

I just adopted a Pitbull Terrier "mix" from a shelter in South Jersey - The Animal Orphanage in Voorhees, NJ.

We have had him home since Saturday.  On Sunday, I brought him to my parents house and had him running in the yard for a short while before I found out that my father had spread weed and feed on the lawn a couple of days earlier.  When I called him over, I noticed some of the treatment was stuck to his wet nose.  I immediately cleaned it off with a soapy wet rag and did see any inside of his nostrils, but really couldnt tell.  He now has what sounds like a stuffy nose and a greenish white mucus running out of his nose.  He does not appear to be showing any other signs of a problem, no vomiting, lethargy, and he is still eating and drinking.  

Do you think this is an issue that should be checked out immediately, or can it wait until Saturday (which is when I have an appointment scheduled for his first visit with my Vet)?  

Thanks for your help.

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I dont think this is immediate, yet: if you see anything else that is alarming as far as negative symptomatic behavior, then take him right away.
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Thanks, I thought the same thing, just wanted a third party perspective.  Appreciate the response.
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Probably not an emergency unless you notice other signs.  The green discharge has me a bit concerned.  If it were me, I would at least call the Vet and ask what they think.
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