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No puppies for the holidays!

So here I go this is a comment and wish list for the up coming holidays.It might sound like a rant,but I think it is timely for the holiday season coming upon us.No puppies for the holiday,around this time a year people like to buy and give a new cute puppy for their friends ,children, and significant other as a gift and 3-6 months later shelter and rescue are flood with puppies, why the most common reasons for surrender of the these puppies are he/she not housebroken,he/she brakes to much, he/she tears everything up, he/she bites, he/she does play well with other ,he/she is too expensive and we cannot handle him any more.I work with 2 no kill rescue, one is a Siberian husky,  and the other is a all dog rescue and we hear this all to much and these holiday puppies are hard to work with and hard to place, as a foster it takes a lot of time to get them to be good pets. Why, people who get these puppies do not do research on the breed , they do not know how much money it cost to raise a healthy dog and do not go through basic training to get their dog to be socialized or well behaved.If you go to most breeding web sites you see on most web site puppies ready for holiday season on their home page.
I know that most people on this forum will not except/give  puppies as gift but let anyone and everyone you know that they should never give/except a living animals as a gift.
When a person wants a dog/puppy make sure you do your research on the the breed and make sure you have the money to care for it everyday needs and health, and time and money for training puppy. Puppies take a lots of time love and yes money.I know someone would love to see their children face light up when the see a cute puppy with a huge bow run for the back of the house on whatever holiday the celebrate, but look a little in to the future when you are at the shelter with a sad puppy and a crying child and surrendering that cute puppy because you can not handle it and it not the fault of that puppy but the person that gave it as a gift and had no idea what it takes to care for a puppy.
Sorry about this rant but puppies  turn into dog and should be part of the family not a gift that can be thrown out when your done with it.
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Well said.
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I work with 1 Rescue & we all dread "The Holiday Season!" Actually, it's the AFTER Holiday Season.....Good Post & Good Rant.........Karla
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