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Nose Bleeds.

I'm panicking after reading some research online:  Over the past 2 weeks, I've noticed pink tinted stains on the sheets where Wentworth sleeps.  I assumed maybe he was having allergies with the crazy weather and his nose was running at night.  Didn't think much of the pink tint.  This morning there were 2 very distinct droplets of blood on the floor next to where he sleeps with his head dangling off the bed sometimes.  I looked in his nose and sure enough there was some blood in the nostril.

Thinking back now over the past 2 weeks, he has had 2 sneezing fits:  full body sneezing that lasted about a minute or two.  

Since he's epileptic and has seizures for no known reason, I am obviously seriously concerned about a tumor.  How can I know more without having to go spend more money at the neurologist (in the past year we've spent $5k on his epilepsy diagnosis and $6k on a tummy obstruction...spending more money is truly, truly not an option).

I'm feeling more than helpless and slightly hopeless.
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There are so many reasons your dog could be having a nose bleed. The excessive sneezing episode that you mention could have caused a small blood vessel to break or it could just be from an allergy as you stated also. He has been through alot recently.

You haven't said how old Wentworth is but judging from his picture he does not look to be up there in age but you never know. Retrievers get nose bleeds alot it seems. I have friends with retrievers and they get nose bleeds for no apparent reason three or four times a year.

You are assuming the worst prematurely. You obviously care for Wentworth very much to have spent the money that you have so far for medical emergencies. A few drops of blood is not an emergency at this point.

Does he seem to be acting normal? Eating, drinking, etc. If so, a quick trip to the Vet to take a look up his nose would be wise and should not be that costly.

Let us know how you make out.
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I just read you post from March 18 about his barking when you crate him. That post seems to have gotten past all of us as there were no responses.

There is a good possibility that he may have bumped that nose in the crate if he is getting extremely agitated when you leave him. I also read that you are using BarkBusters. They are good.

I also learned from that post that Wentworth is not very old. He got some kisser on him. LOL

I hope his nose bleed is nothing serious.
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Like Red said, a slight nose bleed could be caused by a few things, some more deep-seated, and some no more than a localised problem. All the sneezing could have ruptured a little blood vessel in his nose, that's true. He also could have got some grass seed or some small irritation stuck up his nostril(?) That might have caused the sneezing fit? This is very common as dogs have that habit of sniffing their way through life! The vet can put a small scope up and take a look.

Poor Wentworth! In the wars again. I do hope he's ok.
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He's acting completely normal.

I'm probably overly paranoid; the epilepsy thing is hard to accept.  I'm the kind of person that needs a reason, and epilepsy is a mystery: there is just no known cause, so here I am looking for one (tumor!).  

I suppose it is more likely, knowing Wentworth, that he snorted something into his nose while mischievously eating something he shouldn't.  I looked with a flashlight, but if you've ever looked in a dog's nostril you'll know...there's not much to see ;)  I don't see any irritation or anything, but I called my vet and she suggested getting one of those baby nose thingies (I'm only a dog mom, I'm not up to par on "real baby" tool lingo) and squirt some salt water in both nostrils to try and flush anything out.  I'll probably do that tonight if I can swing by the store and get one of those "thingies."

BUT, if it were something lodged up there, why does he only "leak" a tiny bit at night when he's sleeping?
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He may be sniffing it back or his nasal passages may be dried out and bleed a little while he is asleep. Could be allergies. There are so many things that could cause this.

The thing the Vet's Office wants you to get is a bulb. They are used for the nose and the ears. The salt water solution will give you a good idea of how bad it is up there. Make sure you use Kosher Salt and not table salt.

Keep us updated.
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Oh my, you're in it again!  If it continues, it shouldn't be very costly for the vet to put a scope into his nose to have a little look-see.

But I hear you loud and clear, and am gasping at what you guys have spent!  I know that every penny is worriesome now.  

Crossing fingers and toes that its just a little irritation.  Good luck with the bulb syringe and saline--hope it does the trick inexpensively!  
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I'm not doubting your ability to know blood when you see it, but are you positive that it's blood that you are seeing?  The reason I'm asking is because if he has allergies, what you could be seeing is porphyrin, which is a red substance that can ooze from the dog's eyes and nose during allergy attacks.  It also happens a lot in rodents that are under stress, and there have been some that had such severe porphyrin staining that it appeared as though they were bleeding from their eyes and noses.  

As far as having epilepsy goes, Wentworth is a weimaraner.  They, along with poodles, schnauzers, St. Bernards, cocker spaniels, and a few other breeds are the breeds who are most likely to suffer from congenital epilepsy, so it is not unusual at ALL that he, as a weimaraner, suffers from it.  He has certainly had his share of other problems in his young life, so I can understand completely your worrying about it being something more serious, but as others have said, don't panic over a couple of drops of blood.

Keep a close eye on him.  As long as he is acting and eating normally, I would just keep my eye on him.  If it's still chilly where you are, it could be a case of his mucous membranes being dried out from having heat on in the house, and the violence of his sneezing attack ruptured a small blood vessel.  

If I understand your post correctly, you are concerned that the bleeding could be coming from a mass, and that this mass could be what is responsible for his epilepsy.  I would think that if there was a mass, and it had grown large enough to rupture and bleed, he would be having FAR more symptoms than just a couple of drops of blood from his nose.  He would be experiencing temperament changes as well, and would be having cluster seizures that would happen quite frequently.  Remember, Weims are a breed well known for having epilepsy.  It's not unusual at all.  If you start to notice other symptoms, then I'd say that a MRI would be in order, but for now, try to relax and just keep an eye on him.

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Well, he's actually a lab/greyhound (we assume greyhound) mix.  What do you know about those breeds?

It's definitely no large amount of blood, just spots here and there, and I wasn't completely sure it was blood until I saw the two drops on the floor; I live in a loft with concrete floors, so there was no hiding it.  Also, there was a spot of blood in one of his nostrils when I looked.  But really, those 2 drops on the floor is the largest amount I've seen, the rest is just faded stains on the sheets when we wake up.

Obviously my first overly paranoid fear was connecting the dots back to the seizures (I'm annoying and try to connect EVERYTHING to his darn seizures), and when I researched "nose bleed" online, everything scares you and says tumor, lighting my fire of paranoia further.  

He HAS had very difficult to control cluster seizures (up to 15 in a day), but I wouldn't say he's had any temperament changes...he's only 1, so he's either amped up and excited from adrenaline around other dogs and people, or he's lazy on the couch alone with me.  He's rather clumsy, but I think that's more attributable to the phenobarbital effects.  AND, the clusters have diminished mostly since we started a new medicine (Keppra) a month ago, so he's only having 1 seizure every 3-5 days or so.  Finally seeing a result from medicine is a relief after not seeing much at all after 6 months of phenobarb and potassium bromide.

If it were something lodged up the nostril, what other effects would I need to look for if it were to get worse/infected (my luck, I'm sure)?

Thanks for easing my fears about a potential tumor...I promise I'm only a hypochondriac about my dog.  I haven't personally had to see a real, human doctor myself since 2005, so I'm not crazy like this across the board, just with him ;)
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Bulb!  Thanks.  One day I'll know these things that relate to real kids and not dogs!

Will let you know how much of a catastrophe that turns out and how much he hates me afterward.

It will be fascinating to see if anything dislodges and comes out of that long snout...
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It really doesn't matter what he's crossed with, the Labrador Retriever, being bred to the extent that it is in this country today, is THE leading breed for idiopathic epilepsy, however, Greyhounds are another breed that commonly suffer from it also.  Seizure activity normally starts between the ages of one and five years in Labs and can start earlier in Greyhounds.  Greyhounds typically suffer from a type of seizure that involves nothing more than a mild bobbing of the head, but it's actually a form of epilepsy.

MRI is going to be very pricey, but if you continue to notice the blood, if it would put your mind at ease, why not talk to your vet about doing an EEG (electro-encephalogram)?  It would be a lot less pricey than MRI and would more than likely show any irregular activity that could be caused by a mass.  You could also try writing to some veterinary colleges within reasonable driving distance for you, and explaining your situation to them.  Explain the monetary outlay you have had in the last year with him, but that because of the fact that he has had seizures and has exhibited the blood spots, you are very concerned, and see if they would be able to use him as a model to train vet techs in radiology?  They might say they don't need anything like that, but then again, after the lengths you've gone to for him in the last year they may see how serious you are about his well-being and say sure, let's set up a date and time.  You never know.  It can't hurt.  

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Awesome idea.  I live in Dallas, and I hear Texas A&M has a great school for that.  I will look into doing this.

Thanks, Ghilly!
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Yes!!  A&M has a WONDERFUL veterinary college!  I didn't realize you are from Texas!  You're only about 4 1/2 hours from me, which, by Texas standards, is a hop, skip and a jump!  LOL  I'm over on the coast, about an hour southeast of Houston.  DEFINITELY give A&M a call and see if they can offer any assistance.  :)

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after having issues with my 5 yr old weinmaraner red nose pit mix ( more of a bulky weinmaraner )
after finding a tick on her side , first tick she's ever had. husband removed it , it was very tiny in size. She developed a small bump, and swelling did not reduce as time went on. we kept checking on the area after 2 weeks I brought her to the Vet , as they take her to the back for blood tests, they return to the room and her nose is bleeding from 1 nostril ! they can not explain why , saying she jumped around and may have bumped her head , Once it started bleeding , it hasn't really stopped , asumming this is from blood dripping in the nostril causing her to sneeze multiple times as the first pose made me think of explaining my Dog Baby's story
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as my vets have attended atm , seeing as we're from Texas :) they gave her medication and steroids the steroids helped with swelling and blood clots itself for a while 7 to 8 days , all tests even rat bait testing Negative , saying it could be to early to tell by blood test again in 4 weeks we tested again and started a new cycle of steroids , as bleeding has only stopped during the on cycle of them and bleeding returning about 2 days after finishing , sneezing fits and hitting her head and nose on everything , all blood test negative , they referred me to a specialist in Houston tx as we live in Galveston Tx , we waited for a couple weeks abut 2 very little bleeding during this time , one night terrible bleeding , 2 large clots from both nostrils as before it has only been 1 and same side.
bringing her to AtM specialist ER they give her medications to calm her , lower blood pressure until we can bring her to the specialist AtM , doing the Scope Also needing xrays and anaesthesia and use of equipment and mri , they put in the scope also " reverse scope " and flushing any foreign bodies something known as FOX TAIL  coming from a plant was a concern of the original vet.
there was a mass 2 inches in length they have gathered and biopsy will know if it is cancerous this coming week , but regardless very serious and blocking he nostril passage , she is still active as usual
will repost this week , sorry finding this post sooo late , I hope your dog is doing well !
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Boy, this is an old thread.
I was going to say that is typical behavior of an animal with something up the nasal passage.  Had a Doxie that got a foxtail up her nose.
Hope this is nothing major and all turns out ok.  Too bad you have to wait so long for these appts.
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