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OTC recommendation to treat allergies and clear eyes

Our girl Abby, 55 lb German-Australian Sheppard mix has been to the vet three times in the past year for one ear infection and two separate incidents of skin rashes. The vet diagnosed allergies, all treated and cleared. The last visit a couple of months ago vet said we can start with otc cortisone if rashes return and see if it helps, but if more frequent episodes then consider going back for prescription strength meds. Since then I have been paying close attention to my Abbie girl for any signs of skin rashes, thankfully nothing has appeared but I noticed that she always has crusties in her eyes, no yellow or anything like that, my husband calls them eye buggers :) . Well I also noticed her eyes sometimes seem a bit inflamed but not noticeably and she paws them. I've rinsed her eyes with saline solution and it seems to help a bit, but she does not like them. She also sneezes a few times a day. I want for her to be more comfortable. Researching online I found that people use benadryl to treat dogs allergies. Are there any other affordable and minimal side effects otc meds to treat dog's allergies? Thanks!
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So, I'd ask your vet.  Don't buy them from them though as they are often so pricey, needlessly so!  You can then look for allergy medications otc for dogs (there are several) on Amazon.  I would not give your dog benadryl unless your doctor advises it. I have a lot of issues with it as a grown human. :>)  Now eye discharge is something to look into.  Again, a vet visit may be best.  https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-discharge-from-eye#1  It could just be from frequent tearing due to allergies but it could be conjunctivitis.  I don't mess wit the eyes!  Let a doctor guide you on that.  I know this isn't terribly helpful.  but you can try one of the allergy treatments on Amazon or through a web search and see how it goes if you can't afford a vet right now.  Use something specifically for dogs though.  
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