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Obese Beagle

Here's a question from member really_obese_lady that apparently got lost on the Welcome thread last week.  Home you all can help her out!

Hi, I'm new here and need some help with my dog (happy or as we call him Fatty). How can i tell if he's overweight? He's a 5 moth old beagle that weighs 80lbs.
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Didn't get lost. Scroll down. I gave a response on Oct 2. This was it-

Take him to the vet. They need to be able to see him physically to determine if he is overweight, by how much, and what needs to be done. It is hard to say without seeing him, because even dogs of a certain breed can be bigger than the standard and not be overweight. For example, my Min Pin has a much larger build than most Min Pins, so if she weighed what those teeny tiny Min Pins weigh, she'd be under weight. Also, each breed carries their weight differently and some have a tendency toward obesity. Five months is still young. Has he been to the vet? Is his belly distended? It could be for reasons other than being overweight, like worms or something?
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That sounds pretty big for a beagle, if it's a pure bred beagle. I've heard they can be prone to becoming overweight. If he is overweight he'd have to lose it slowly by cutting back on food, trying the lower fat foods and taking him for walks everyday.
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I thought my beagle was fat!  my beagle was 22kgs(52lbs) and we had to put her on a diet  we were able to get her down to 20.5kgs but this wasnt enough? due to her weight and us being to soft she has now damaged her back leg ccl ligament I wish we had of been more strict and not given in! this probably could of been avoided. We now have no choice but to be even more restrictive and she is hardly given any food at all now (low fat)  vet subscription diet, and she is not allowed treats at all! :(    
anyway she is now 18.5kgs and she still needs to lose at least 2 more kgs.
My beagle is a tall beagle 15/16 and her ideal weight should be 16kgs or 35/40 lbs.
Your beagle is probably double its required weight and this can cause major health problems not just joint and legs but heart, kidney ,liver etc. If you love your dog  be strong and put your dog on a diet dont leave it until it to late and you regret it ! If  I knew then what I knew now I wouldnt of given her the amount of food I did we just went over the top with treats etc.(never again we want her to live a long and healthy life). Dont get sucked in by the beagle look!  It can be hard to resist!

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Thanks! I was really lost! But it has gotten even worse. He now weighs 120lbs! He doesn't want to move! (for more info go to:   http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/651925?personal_page_id=213742&post_id=post_3511797 )Help!!!
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rol, (I hate calling you that!)
What does your mother say about all of this? What exactly is she doing? And what does your vet say? I don't think you can handle all of this on your own. I hope the adults in your life take this seriously. This poor dog is suffering.
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Wait a second, are you saying he's gained forty something pounds in just a couple of weeks? Something just doesn't seem right.
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sounds like your dog has a thyroid problem maybe?
I would being taking that dog to the vet asap sounds life threatning to me!!! 5mths old and 120lbs that is not normal I havent heard of dog or any human in that matter putting on weight that fast!  
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