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Older Aussie With Seizures

I am looking for advice on how to manage our dog's declining health. A two weeks ago our dog had a massive seizure which lasted a few minutes. Immediately afterward she seemed blind or vision impaired. She actually tried to attack me (VERY unlike her normal personality). It took about 6 hours until she would let us get near her and stop acting like we were strangers. The general disorientation lasted a couple of days. We took her to the vet the day after her seizure and they examined her. The next day she had another seizure and the vet put her on Phenobarbital. The vet couldn't find an overt cause for the start of seizures and given our dogs age (12 to 13) didn't feel epilepsy was the cause. The vet felt it was a brain tumor or something else neurological. At this point, I started thinking back to her health over the past two years. Almost two years ago she had a sudden severe onset of some sort of gastrointestinal bleeding. It was managed with antibiotics and fluids and resolved. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed her lose a lot of muscle and have trouble getting up if she sleeps too long (stiffness in hind legs or back that resolves after moves around a bit). Also, sometimes when she goes after a ball or runs down steps, her front legs go out and she falls. Around Christmas she seemed to start having 'episodes' of becoming confused and walking into the closet or seeming 'out of it' for a few minutes. I now think that what we were seeing small seizures. We had discussed what was going on with the vet who did a blood test and was worried about blood sugar levels.  Having thought about all this, I wonder if the culprit could be a tick born virus instead of normal signs of aging, arthritis, and, now, the brain tumor my vet suspects. I was previously discouraged from seeking a tick titer but insisted on one this time. She came back 'vaguely positive' for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichia. At that point, the vet started her on powerful antibiotics.  She had been on the Pheno for 2 weeks and the antibiotics for about 9 days.  A few days after starting the Pheno, she developed extreme ataxia. The vet suspected this was proof of the brain tumor diagnosis. Her thirst increased as did her appetite. She seemed lethargic. A couple of days ago, the ataxia seemed to be improving but now she has become incontinent (dribbling while awake and no control while asleep). Last night, she vomited and this morning seems lethargic again, ataxia back full force and appetite extremely diminished. Is the vet correct about the brain tumor? Can a reaction to Pheno come and go like this? Is this some sort of toxicity? She had a blood done last week that showed she had reached full level of Pheno within a few days. We go back to the doctor tomorrow and I want to make sure I am asking the right questions. If the Pheno is causing any or all of this, I am about done with it. I don't think my dog is in pain, but she isn't very happy right now. Also, if this was tick born virus, won't we have to back off the Pheno slowly to see if the antibiotics were effective against the seizures. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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