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Omega 3 supplement using human fish oil caps?

It seems our friend the dog also benefits from a good dose of Omega 3, as sound in fish.

We have our Westie on a sweet potato fish formula kibble and I wonder if it could be improved by breaking open a one human (the type we may take 3 or more of a day) fish oil capsule and drizzle it over the main kibble meal.  

Yes, I have read the advice on feeding some canned food too, and am working my way up to that.
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I found one Westie breeder site that recommends giving on 1000 mg fish oil to the dog every day.  They said their dogs take the soft capsule pill as a treat. I had figured I would break the pill open and drip in on a dry kibble meal.

I am now planning to purchase some fish oil capsules, and will start taking it again myself.
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how much is recommended for a very small dog? don't know the weight, it belongs to a friend...a Japanese Chen, smaller than my cats...probably 7lbs max..
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I can guess based on the fact a neighbor recommended I use/feed fish oil for my dog's skin problem telling me he did it for his cat.  I don't recall what the reason was but he said it worked and the cat loved it.  If the pill is opened and poured on cat food I'd think it a good idea to start using about half a pill once a day.  If there were good results, or no problems one could then go to a full pill.

I believe the fish oil is in fact "food" and as such isn't like an antihistamine or other drug for which the dose is critical.  

My dog weighs about 20 pounds, that's why I suggested starting with half a pill for a 7 pound cat.  I do not have any personal experience on a cat, and have not even owned a cat in 25 or more years.
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The vet assistant at my vet gives her dogs human fish oil that she and her husband also take. I don't think you have to worry too much about an overdose other than possibly it causing loose stools. She just tosses the capsule into the food dish and they love it!

It was also recommended to me by the vet as an additional help with joint pain. Haven't started it yet but plan to soon.
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For Fish Oils:
I'm seeing 1000 mg. daily for 15-30lbs.
Under 15lbs. or Cat- 1 every other day
Over 30 lbs.- 1 gelcap for every 30 lbs.
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thanks for the info guys....I do use Krill Oil for one of my cats. I've only been giving him a full capsule once a week or so, guess it wouldn't hurt to give more. I just wasn't sure what to tell her abt the dog, now I will suggest 1 every couple days since this dog weighs much less than my cats...he is shedding hair so badly and I think this would really help♥
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Just tried to give a capsule to my Westie, he would not take it out of my hand, nor eat it from his dish.  I didn't wait long, a minute or two... and I wondered what happens if he bites the capsule?  Will the liquid inside drip out of his mouth?

I cut a capsule and put the liquid on some kibble, along with a splash of water, he ate and licked the dish clean...I conclude he finds the taste okay.  We'll see if there are any improvements.
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I have started giving my cat a half a 1000mg capsule of fish oil in wet food each day.the cat is having less joint pain(we can tell cause she is moving around more readily) and she is more alert.I don't want to put my cat on the NSAIDS available cause of the danger of ulcers and kidney problems.
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