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I was wondering is it ok to feed dog oranges?, my chocolate lab loves fruits and vegetables, I know onions, grapes, raisins and garlic are toxic to dogs, but are oranges or any other fruit not good to give dogs. does anyone know?
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Thank you, I give Abbey fruits and vegetables as treats instead of milk bones or between meals.
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No problem!  Well, at least as long as fruit isn't the main staple in your dog's diet.  Isn't it funny that some dogs won't even look at a piece of fruit as a food source, and others go nuts over it.  A couple of our dogs are just flat-out Trash Can Curs.  They'll eat anything they can wrap their lips around.  
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My dogs eat fruits too and I have seen no problems with it. And they do put vegetables in  
many different types of dog foods so they are ok for dogs.My mutt dog eats bananas so I
guess it is ok considering she is 8 years old now and has been eating them since she was 2.
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