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PET EMERGENCIES! Please Read Before Posting!

Dear Friends,
Questions come up often on this Forum about dogs ingesting various things and what to do.  I would like to list a couple of Internet Sites with information it may be a good idea to Bookmark and possibly print out some and keep handy.

http://www.pacc911.org/Poison_Control.html   (Poison Control Hotline)

http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/  (ASPCA Poison Control and good information)

We are glad that you have come to MedHelp's Ask A Veterinarian forums to find out more about your pet’s health or behavior.  It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of accurate pet health information and guidance to help you understand more about keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy.

The veterinarians here at MedHelp cannot offer emergency help for your pets.   If your pet is experiencing any urgent medical condition, please DO NOT WAIT  for an answer at this forum.   Seek immediate help at your local veterinary office or emergency animal hospital.  Here are a few examples, but by no means a complete list of emergency situations for which you should seek immediate medical assistance for your pet:


We know that medical terminology can be confusing and even intimidating.  You might even feel as if medical events with your pet are spiraling out of your control.  We want to help you understand the facts about your pet’s health, and help separate truth from fiction about pet care.  Our guidance can often save you time, money and heartache plus improve the communication with your local veterinarian.

There is a lot of bad information on the Internet.  But, you can trust the veterinarians here at MedHelp.  Each of them is a highly trained and experienced practitioner and they are committed to providing pet owners with trustworthy, practical and common sense advice.  

In the Ask the Expert forums, more than one veterinarian might contribute to answering your question.  Like “rounds” at the local hospital, we have found that this group effort often leads to better decision making.

MedHelp International
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I have a puppy who was just bitten on the head by an older dog. There's swelling, and the dog is getting less responsive. We have no transportation, and when I called the Vet, they couldn't help me..
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my puppy got hi by a bigger dog and when he trys to walk wabols over i dont know what to do
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I Recently took my 10-12 day puppy to the vet she is a female(She Has No Mother Was Abandoned) she was dehydrated and constipated we've been giving her the antibiotics and vitamin liquid that the vet gave us and the at home enemas that we have to give her but she ran out of enema medicine and still cant "go" on her own we've been trying the warm rag on the anal area to stimulate her to go but she still hasnt,,she is very bloated and gags occasionaly,and when she gags  it sounds like fleam,,i was given advice about giving her a home made enema (The Home-Made Enema Consists Of Warm Water And A Few Drops Of Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice And The Syringe That Will Be Used To Inject It Lubricated With Vegetable Oil On The Outside) I was wondering what to do about the fleam issue ,and if the home made enema idea was Safe And Effective?
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So I have lost 2 out of three dogs in the past year. The first one was like 18, Koko, and it was just his time to go because of all his conditions and pain. Like six months later I noticed spots on Luie and told my mom to take him to the vet because I thought he had some type of baldness issue.... she put it off and put it off and when she finally took him it was revealed he had bone cancer and we had to put him down like a week later. the vet said that when a brother, Koko, dies they sometimes just start going down hill after. Now I am worried about my dog Kaylee, it is obvious she is lonely and misses them. she has been getting gunk stuck in between her paws and her actual paw is rough and kinda like really dry torn heels on humans. She also keeps on nipping and trying to get something out on her legs but I only find white little centimeter spots. today I found a bump on her chin and cloudy stuff in her eye. I have been after my mom to take her to the vet for a checkup but my mom is putting it off due to money issues. How can I convince her...? does this stuff my dog is going through normal?
Thank You
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by geemonika, 1 hour ago
Tags: cushings, garlic, hypothyroidism
My 14 years old Husky mix girl is on her Trilostane 120 mg medication for almost 2 years and or Levothyroxine 0.6 mg for almost 3 years.
4 months ago I add to her diet a "Fresh Factor" supplement and her body respond beautifly - her furr is back to almost full glory!
For last few weeks I'm trying to introduce a "Bug-Off" garlic supplement  (trying to avoid ticks in Wisconsin  !!), but she is getting very unconfortable at first (crying,pacing and sometimes vomiting) and later she is very lethargic.
I know - my old dog has a "good" and "bad" days - we live with a hypothyroidism and Cushing disease for a long time.

My Question:
Did garlic supplement interfere with other medications or my dog is allergic to it?

She was expose to garlicky food all her life.

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If you have a specific question, please start a new topic by clicking the green "Post a Question" button at the top left of this page.  More people will see your question and respond than if you add it to this thread.  Woof!  :-D
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hi ginger i have female lebrador (golden ) 1 and half years old she suddenly stop eating dog food ,i start giving her bread with milk she ate it some days.
she eat hairs from her legs ..i use to spray antibiotic on it (pink -spray)

but now she is not eating any thing at all ...no dog food no bread ...and become so so weak ....wat should i do  
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In urgent care situations you will waste valuable time looking for phone numbers and directions to your closest Animal Emergency Clinic.  Do that now and post this information in a place you can find it quickly.  Just as you would your own ER!  Being prepared like this will save you very precious minutes - and in some animal emergencies that can make a real difference.  
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My 30 yr.old horse had what looks to be some kind of Dermatitis on his underbelly about where the gurth would go. ( he has been riden in 2 yrs ) I work for a small animal vet, so I sent a calu/senti to our lab, waiting for results.
I' m useing surgy scrub 2 x's daily to clean it and Furosone topical until I get results of test back Monday-tuesday. Is  this enough or should I do something more? It is looking about the same as it did 3 days ago just not so wet. It is about 10 in X 5 in and not spreding now. He is still eating grain and grass and drinking normal. Thankyou for any infor you may have!
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Hey folks, I'm really sorry I missed some posts to this thread.  It needs to be a Read Only topic for that reason, but Med Help doesn't have that capability yet.  

For people new to this board and this particular topic, please call your vet first if your dog seems to be in serious condition!  No internet board member can help your dog better than you - his caretaker.

To begin a new topic, just click the "Post a Question" button at the top of the forum page.  You'll get better visibility on the board and more responses by starting a new topic. Thanks!
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I had a pet that had that issue and it turned out to be kidney stones causing the difficulty.
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my baby Simba has difficulty urinating-drifter0213
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I forgot to say this before....if you scroll down the page, on the right you can find, under RELATED EXPERT FORUMS : "Ask a Vet(Pet health)" where you can post your question to a vet here.
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Marnan, so sorry you had to wait so long, your post got 'buried' here, (I never think to look here, just look on this header post as a permanent fixture, and didn't notice you had posted under it.)
The only sure-fire way to tell if a bone is broken underneath all the swelling is to have an x-ray done.
If you have any other questions, it would be best to make a completely fresh post, so that others will see it and pick up quickly on it.
Best wishes
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My Pit-mix injured her rear right leg on Saturday while playing.  I took her to the Vet on Sunday..he fely her leg down..NO YELPING or indication of pain.  We agreed to give her medication and wait a few days before doing x-rays (financially smart AND no MAJOR indication of broken bone as she was putting 10% of her weight on it).  it is Wednesday and she is still limping..she will 'forget' and occasionally put weight on it. she still limps...it seem to be the 'ankle' right behind the pads of her hind right leg (that joint)..she sits on it, stretches it out, climbs steps - most of the time favoring this leg.  it sometimes looks a little swollen-no a lot and when I felt it, she jumped...only in that spot.  is there a way to tell if her 'ankle' in broken?  fracture, pulled muscle, ect can't do anything about..but I want to know if I can tell if it is BROKEN from here before I take her for x-rays.
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