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Pancreatitis / Slip disc in Neck

I had a healthy dog until he went under for dental cleaning and tooth extractions.  The tooth extractions went well, but two days later he developed pancreatitis.  We got it under control with medication and low fat canned food.  However, when we stopped the meds we noticed he wasn't turning his neck and his neck started throbbing.  We took him in again to the vet.  The vet x-rayed his neck and said he has a slipped disk.  Question:  Does anyone believe that the dental tooth extractions could have caused the slipped disk in his neck?  They said that he must of had a degenerative disk in the first place.  However, we have never had problems before.  Because the vet gave us muscle relaxants and rimadahl to give for pain management, his pancreatitis flared up again.  Now he is in the hospital on intravenous fluids and pain med injections.  I just want to know anyone's thoughts on this?  I really believe if he didn't have problems with his neck, the pancreatitis would have been controllable.  But b/c of his "slipped disk" in his neck steroids is usually the treatment, but he can't have steroids b/c of the pancreatitis.  I am very worried and I am starting to doubt my vet.
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So, how is the dog now??? This sounds awful for you and your little friend....
Did you explore a second opinion in a new vet???
I just read this, was just overcome w/questions, please let the site know how you are doing.....
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How old is your dog?  Was the dental work really necessary - I'm not judging you in any way - some vets make a lot of money doing unnecessary dental work on dogs.  In fact, our Siberian husky is supposed to have her teeth cleaned in a few weeks.  My daughter wants it done because it's free and I don't want it done because the dog has to be sedated and I think cleaning her teeth is something that can be done at home.  However,  if your dog was having real problems with his teeth then going to the vet was the right thing for you to have done.

I don't know of any correlation between a tooth extraction and pancreatitis and/or a slipped disc but maybe other folks out here do.

IMHO, if you are losing confidence in your vet, get a new one.  We had the same vet for over 20 yrs and he was quite good but eventually didn't do a thorough job when we took our dogs for their checkups.

Please post again to let us all see how your dog is doing.


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I'm sorry this is the first time I am reading this... 8 years later. Just wanted to suggest for a dog with a slipped disc who can't be on meds.... Call around and find a chiropractor who is trained in animal adjustments. I work with one and it really does help!
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