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Pancreatitis or not?

My 6 year old Shih-Tzu Chloe is sick. This started with maple sausage links my grandson dropped and Chloe scarfed up 6 of them. The next day Chloe is in pain, stiff, stomach is puffy and her back is rigid, she whines some when you touch her too much. And she starts shaking and panting  also she wont jump or go down steps. But no throwing up or diarrhea I took her to my vet Last saturday, they did an exam and xrays of her stomach and intestines for blockages and they were clean. Her doggy Dr. said she thought it was pancreatitis. Dr. put her on anitbiotics for any secondary infection and said to give her Mylanta 3x a day. Also precscription i/d dog food starting the next day for two days then back to regular food.  Then on Monday with her regular Nutro Venison and rice food she got worse. Called my vet that night he said back to i/d dog food and half a baby aspirin for pain. Maybe not her pancreas maybe a virus. So on Tuesday i took her back to vet they did blood work which was all pretty normal, nothing too outstanding. He examined her back, her legs, walking, hips, listened to heart lungs. Nothing going on there. He says she needs time to get threw this and it can take awhile. I call back Friday Chloe is still having these lil pain episodes n not feeling well. they go over all her info and say they still think thats what it is and give her some pain meds to help her through it. Tramadol. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHLOE???  Do i need second opinion, more tests, it has now been 9 days since this started. Shes my baby and I cannot stand to see her in pain someone place help.
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Pancreatitis is a very painful condition, but unfortunately, there is no cure. It is managed with fluids, antibiotics, anti-emetic (anti nausea/vomiting medications) and pain medications. I did not personally examine your dog, but it sounds very much like pancreatitis. It may take a while for her to overcome this and she can have relapses in the future. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting a second vet's opinion if you are concerned, but it is not a condition that is gone in a matter of 2-3 days. Good luck!
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Agree it sounds like pancreatitis and that is really not the usual treatment.  Food is usually withheld and dog is on IV and medication and then ID food introduced gradually.  Yes, very painful.
I would seek a second opinion.
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Thank you so much. I do understand now it is a condition to be managed. But i didn't realize how long it might take for her to get through this spell. She is doing better every day. I wish she was drinking more. But the chicken n rice works the best. Her legs are working great now n she is starting to go up n down steps. BUT she's really not her hyper happy self. Yet!!
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Thanks for the info. I see that from some other sites. I saw a different Dr in the office the first visit. When i saw her Dr. He wasn't happy that blood work wasn't done right off the bat. He thought she was improving. Put her on tramadol n gave me New directions. Said if not improved within few days or any other issues call him at home asap. I will stick with him from now on.
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Glad you got a second opinion.  My daughter's dog as chronic problems and has been hospitalized 3 times with meds and IV at the Vet and at home.  She has been strictly on ID food for at least a couple of years,  my daughter did find a treat she can give her in moderation.  Was over $1,000 each flare up.
She had a t-shirt made for the dog, a Chi mix, that says, You feed me,  I die"
Lol!  Well, never know who may be tempted to give her something.
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How old is the chi mix? Poor Lil thing.. And was is all in a row or over time?
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