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I had to put my 11 year old Llhasa apso to sleep yesterday because he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was in so much pain that they could not guarantee that he would survive even with treatment. It came on suddenly...he was fine Saturday but began throwing up in the middle of the night and continued...he couldn't even hold down water and was very weak. I took him into the veterinary hospital on Sunday and he was too weak to come home. I am left with this overwhelming sense of guilt that I should have done more for him...perhaps tried the plasma despite the cost and the fact that it may not work because he was so sick. He also had a large baldder stone and his kidney levels were off and his urine was not concentrated. Is there any reassurance that you can give me that I did the right thing because right know I am so guilt ridden it's incredible. He didn't get table food...only the occassional piece of cheese and I fed him good food so I am at a total loss how this happened and why so quick. Please any information you can provide me would be much appreciated.
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You did absolutely the right thing for your dog.  I had to do the same thing for mine years ago.  Pancreatitis is one horrific illness to deal with whether in humans or dogs.  It is extremely painful, and there is no way of knowing if expensive supportive treatment and abdominal rest will result in recovery.  Most of the time, euthanasia is the best and only option.  Even if a dog recovers from an acute attack, the pancreas is usually so damaged that you're looking at another one and another one and another one....  

Please do not feel guilty.  Your pup will never again have to be sick and in pain.  He had so many health issues that I really doubt he would have survived long with any good quality of life even had he somewhat recovered from the pancreatitis.  You loved him and cared well for him.  That's all any of us can do.  :-)
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I am so sorry.
I had two westies in the past that had pancreatitis, and we had to put one down because of it. The one that we had to put down had experienced pancreatitis twice before in that year--so like Jaybay said, even if the dog recovers from it the first time, the chances of them getting it again in a short period of time is very high, and each time they get it again, they get sicker and weaker. My dog that died from it was at the point of having siezures, probably from the stress and the pain she was in.
Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I honestly know how it feels.
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I understand your feeling, for I had to put my dog down back in December.  I still struggle with the idea that I made too harsh of a decision for my Tiffy, but I truly believe in my heart that I knew what was best for her.  Just like you knew what was best for your pup.  There are so many what ifs that we can do, but you went with yoru gut instinct and that is what is always right.  Your dog lived a happy full life and you will miss him but please take comfort in knowing you gave him the best life possible and knew what was best.  I am very sorry for your loss and wish you peace of mind.  In time, you will heal...just give it that....time.
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I am so very, very sorry to hear about the loss of your lhasa apso.  One of our dogs is a lhasa apso so hearing about your loss really hits home.

It sounds like you did everything possible for your dog.  You mentioned a number of problems that he suffered from.  Making the decision to have your dog euthanized is never  easy but IMHO if your decision felt right then it was right.  What do you think your dog would have wanted if he was in a position to tell you.  You have your lhasa 11 happy and loving years and he knew it.  You knew him better than anyone else and I'm sure he knew everything you did for him, from his puppyhood to his death, was made out of caring for him and in his own best interests.

I really don't think your lhasa would want you to feel guilty.  After reading your post, it seems like you did the best you could.  Everything seemed to happen so quickly.

My Siberian husky, Bifff, died in his harness at age 14 while we were out exercising them.  I often berated myself for not going to a vet to see why he was panting all the time; I thought he just wanted attention so I do understand about guilt and feeling that "I should have done something".  Please don't let guilt consume you.  You did the best your could and your lhasa knew that.  My "boy" Bifff knew it too when I could finally allow myself to realize it.

If you feel the need to talk more about your lhasa, please feel free to post messages as often as you want.  The "dog folks" in this Community can give you lots of caring as well as support the difficult decision you made for your dog.

Hugs ....


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So very sorry for your terrible lost, I know your heart is weaping...
Sometimes if life there are things that happen to our little friends beyond our control no matter how much money we spend...and to put a little friend thru more wrenching medications, treatments, I believe its true humanity to relieve a little friend of suffering.
You must have had a big heart and loved your pet tremendously to give the relief it took for your little friend to go to its next destination...never second guess anymore or you will drive yourself into a guilty frenzy of tears, frustrations, etc....
Keep your memories and look into the sky and find the brightest twinkling star and name that star after your friend...and remember every time you into the night bright sky of stars, he/she is with you forever and now you have a wonderful new angel to watch and walk w/you daily...I lost my long time friend months back, and I cry and cry, but the tears are less each day, the memory will stay, and I try to help a lost animal with in my power in memory of my decease pet, and keep going, and I have a lot more heart for animals after going thru what you've just done...you will have trouble w/this for awhile, time does heal a little, I got a new pet and named him #2 after the deceased one..silly, I know...but, I believe with the new pet you have to heal faster, cause the new one needs YOU NOW!!! Please stay w/the site, they have been so helpful to me...
Thoughts are with you....I named my star "Noonnee"........and for his memorial, I speak to you on his behalf like you will advice someone in the future on your dog's memorial behalf, because you've been thru it....
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I am so sorry!  I had a jack russell terrier put to sleep for the same thing. DO NOT GIVE THEM GREASY FOOD!!! Yea, it sounds wierd, but my vet told us that.  I'll pray for you.
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How are you doing? I know this is difficult time, just checking on you..
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