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Personality changes after a canine stroke

Our 6 year old Havanese had a stroke about 8 weeks ago. She is doing pretty good with her recovery but we have notice her drastic personality changes. It's almost like having a visitor in the house and not the sweet and loving lap dog we have had for 6 years. Has anyone else had this happen?
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Yes petss do have strokes and the same can be quite frequent also . Do not delay treatment. Go for a CBC test and see if heamoglobin levels are ok .. if not then ask vet to prescribe medicine immediately... PL do not delay as one major such stroke will make your baby left with few days of life so do not delay treatment and above test. Plesseeee
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Wow, so sorry about your dog.  Truthfully, while it makes total sense, I didn't realize dogs have strokes!  Is she fine other than the personality change?  She may come back slowly to her old self.  I sure hope so.  But loving her regardless will help. She's still a dog and dogs love their owners and to be doted on.  hugs to you and our dog
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Hello~Dogs, like people, can have changes after a stroke and personality changes is one of the changes. Sometimes, this will pass in a few months, in the meantime, just keep loving her.
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