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Phenobarbital and Zonisamide?

Hello and thanks in advance for any thoughts. Our 5 y.o. Basset/Beagle mix was officially pegged with epilepsy about 2 months ago after she started having multiple seizures in a day. She was initially put on Zonisamide but after 2 weeks, she had a couple more seizures. At that point the docs added Phenobarbital. We've had her blood tested and the PB is at the proper levels in her system. The good news is she's not had any seizures since then... the not so good news is that she's still not adapted well to the meds after 7 weeks. Her back legs/end remain quite unstable/wobbledy, plus her extra thirst combined with her looseness in muscle control has made her very accident prone in the house. We are constantly chasing her away from the water dish to keep her from over drinking and try to get her out to pee every 3 hours. We keep her corralled at night and have to get up at 4:30/5:00 am daily to let her out to pee. (We have 2 other Bassets with their own issues, so we can't just put the water up/out of reach.) We're wondering if she needs to be on both PB and Z and if cutting back on the Zonisamide might ease her issues. We'll be checking with the docs in another couple of weeks for their opinions and would appreciate any thoughts/experiences and of you can share in the meantime.
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