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Phenobarbital for seizures in dogs-whining side effects


My nine year old pitbull recently had two grand mal seizures. The first she recovered quickly and the second was a status and was so bad it took a shot of Valium to get her out of it. Vet started her on phenobarbital and did X-rays and bloodwork and all came back normal so I am set up to see a neurologist Wednesday.

Since being on the pheno she has been strange, she shows all the side effects you read about online except she has been getting more and more whiny. The vet said it could be her adjusting to the medication but she seems to be a lot less lethargic then when she started. It has been a week now that she has been in it. I called again today because she is still whiny and I don't want her to be in pain or something and not know it. He told me she could just be whining because of hungry. Has anyone else experienced this with their dog? Just constant whining? She seems happier when I do give her some food and she has been getting into everything to eat when I am not here, breaking all the rules.

Any input on the whinning or anything else about dogs and pheno would be great.

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I have no experience with seizures in dogs, thank goodness, but have read up on it some.  Just saw that it can cause an increased appetite and water intake.  Did  not see anything about whining but said it can cause anxiety so possibly that is what you are seeing.  Also said symptoms should improve within 7-10 days.  Sorry I can't offer more advice.  I am sure the Neurologist will be able to help you out more, I hope.
Good luck and please come back to update.
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i just had my dog put on phenobarbital for seizures and he won't stop whining and it sounds like a pretty common side effect that will go away after they get used to the medication.
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My German shepherd has been on PB for two days. She has fallen while standing still, whines, is restless, and is getting into the garbage cans, which she never does. She's also having accidents even when the door is open.  I have read, and hope it's true, that all this may diminish as she adjusts to the drug. It's better than her seizures.
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