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Pictures of Julie w/Cushings

I posted some pictures in my photo's of Julie with hair loss & a Pot Belly...taken last fall.  This is for those who want to see what it looks like.  It's awful.  Her hair on her body won't grow. Now, the back of her hind legs are getting a bald spot & on her neck & behind one ear. Thank God she has lots of hair.
I thank God that I still have my baby girl.
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Poor baby. I hate Cushings. I hate what it does. As you know my dog died from complications of Cushings.I wish they could hurry up and find a cure. My heart and prayers go out to you and Julie. She is one lucky pup to have such loving owners. God bless you both.
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Aw, poor little sweetie!
Yes, that's true. She has the best love and care any dog could hope for!
I guess she has to wear a coat to keep warm?
It;s sad to see all her beautiful fur gone, but so long as she is happy. And you can see in her face she knows you love her to bits.
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