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Pinched nerve in dog

I first took my dog to the vet on 11/8 he came walking down the hall and yelped in pain pulling up his left front paw, tilting his head and he was having difficulty shaking himself, and almost falling over to the right. They diagnosed him at that time with a strained shoulder and put him on Tramadol 25mg every 6 hours but by Monday 11/11 he was getting worse and I noticed he was scratching his neck area alot and swiping the side of his face with his paw, tilting his head and still could not shake. Once the attack is over in a few minutes he regains all function and the attacks vary from minor to major.. I called the vet back and told them I thought he might have a pinched nerve they still said it was his shoulder and w/o seeing him and prescribed an anit inflammatory 2 x a day on top of the tranadol. I had him on those two medications starting on 11/11 but by 11/12 he started literally climbing the walls and could not settle down for more then 30 seconds with out getting up and barked constantly to go outside this went on for 2 days and I made an appointment for his reg vet for 11/14 but he was so agitated I ended up taking him to the ER vet early morning 11/14. He was seen by the Surgery Service and the Neurologist who diagnosed him with Differential diagnoses include intervertebral disc disease (acute or chronic), Wobbler’s type degenerative stenosis, neoplasia, infection, occult orthopedic disease, or auto-immune diseases.
They put him on the following meds with crating for rest all of which I have been following to a T:
1. Rimadyl 25mg tablets (refill provided today): Give 1 tablet by mouth every 12 hours for 1 week. Then give 1 tablet by mouth once a
day until gone. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Do not give any other anti-inflammatory (aspirin, Metacam,
prednisone, etc.) medications while James is receiving Rimadyl. Please call if vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite occur.
2. Tramadol 50mg tablets (prescribed by another doctor): Give 1/2 tablet by mouth 2-4 times a day as needed for pain. This is an opioid
pain reliever which may cause mild sedation or constipation.
3. Diazepam 5mg tablets: Give 1/2 tablet by mouth every 8 hours until gone. This is a muscle relaxer which may cause mild sedation.
4. Gabapentin 100mg capsules: Give 1 capsule by mouth once a day at bedtime until gone. This is a pain reliever which best treats
nerve-related and chronic pain and may cause mild sedation.
That was Friday and I see little to no improvement he still yelps in pain everytime he stands up and when letting him out to releive himself and give him meds which he takes with no problem he is still yelping in pain and still haveing the severe attacks where he does the head tilt and can't shake himself. I find it odd he has such pain but has no issue scratching himself or turning his whole body to clean himself he never cries in pain only when he gets up or is just normally walking. My question is how long will it take for the meds to kick in to eleviate the pain and when should I start seeing improvement and when should I start considering possible other treatment and would prednizone be more effective?? The vet also want me to keep him in a harness but just having the light material of the harness around his neck makes him scream in pain and he has taken to snapping at me if I approach him with the harness and by the time we do get a harness on him the 8 hours of rest he has had to heal is pretty much out the window so we just let him w/o any collar at all. But still limit he ouside time and time out of confinement. He is otherwise very healthy and his appetite is great and he wants to play. We did remove all his toys so he has nothing to play with or go after. I am at my wits end and any help would be appreciated or even advice if you have gone though this with your dog I don't want to put him down because I can't fix him. He is only ten and a 20lb Papillon he is not over weight but just big for his breed and up until 11/8 a very very hyper healthy happy puppy.
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