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Pink urine

I have a six year old, 4 pound Yorkie who started having seizures a little over a year ago. He takes 16.2 milligrams of Phenobarbital a day to control the seizures. One side effect he has had since the beginning is frequent urination and deification. Recently, I have noticed that his urine is pink. I know that this means there is blood in his urine. I have read that a side effect from Phenobarbital can be kidney failure.

I know that the testing is expensive and that is difficult for me to do. If we assume that the kidney failure is happening, what can we do for him? Is there other medication he can take or some type of remedy I can give him?

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum.....DON'T assume anything! What your describing is NOT symptoms of Kidney Failure......I've never heard of a Kidney Failure dog having Pink urine! Trust me, we have many, many threads on this forum about Kidney Failure.....Hundreds & hundreds of posts!

Yes, Pink urine (Blood) is either a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or possible stones....Both of these are VERY painful, I might add.....

A urine test is the least expensive of all....Collect some clean urine (Preferably morning urine), put in a baggie or clean jar and take to your Vet for analysis.....They will test the urine to determine what your dealing with....Some inexpensive Antibiotics will take care of it.....

To just guess about a condition, is not fair to your little one.....Good luck and let us know what you find out......Karla

P.S. I assume you never figured out what causes the seizures??? Just curious......Thanks

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