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Please, please help!!!! Urgent!!

Please, anybody that can I really need help on this. I am freaking out like a total panic attack on this about my dog and the other dog described below. I would have put this in the pet forum but the pet section isn't taking any questions.

Yesterday morning at 6 AM I found an abandoned little dog in the park. It was cold, dirty, dehydrated, very malnourished like skin and bones with dreadlocked hair, manure and grass all over her stomach and feet and poop all over her butt hair. She had to have been out a long time.
  I gave her a triple bath and got her really clean and then my mom and I dried her and warmed her with a blow drier. We fully brushed her. We gave a comfy blanket and some water. She started drinking water but kept throwing it up until she slowly, bit by bit got more down and she kept it down.
  She died at 9 PM.
  I shampooed the carpet completely around the living room where she had been hanging out but I am now terrified that my little guy may have gotten sick. All of his shots are current but I don't know a lot about dog health at all except some basics and have been scouring the internet probably asking the wrong questions.
  If you can, PLEASE HELP, please. I've been up all night freaking out. Please, anybody.
  If photo attaches, that was the sweet little girl we lost.
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Try and relax, if the dog was in as bad as shape as you described she more than likely passed because of her condition or for a better word neglect. She would of needed to go to a vet for emergency treatment and even then there would of been no guarantee.
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My condolences, I know e sweet baby wasn't your own dog but I bet it was still a painful experience. Just want to say you and your mum are angles for making her last day comfortable and ensuring she passed surrounded with care and dignity,
Chances are this poor angel died from the appalling treatment of her pervious home, and died at the hands of those monsters who put her in the situation you found her in.
My best advice having had dogs all my life is keep your pets jabs up to date, as you are, keep loving your own dog, keep a close eye on their health for the next month or 2 just incase there is anything that has a longer incubation period. You know your dog their personality habits and how they look and act. Any changes go straight to your regular vet.
If you have the body of the dog that passed away possible take a small sample of fur/blood either to keep securely incase your dog becomes ill. Alternatively you could talk to a vet and maybe they will agree to a blood panel to put your mind at rest, likely this will cost a fortune as vets in my experience charge a fortune for everything.
Really proud of you, if only there were more people like yourself in this world it would be a much better place. Thank you for restoring my faith that some humans are decent. Clearly not all from how you found that beautiful little dog. RIP.
Hope you and your dog have a great healthy future.
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You're such a nice person to help that poor dog. Relax, if you have done enough cleaning and disinfecting you should be fine. God will reward your good deed.
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Awwww, I am so sorry about the poor dog.

I would, if you have her body still or buried it, take it to the vet and see if she had Parvo, sometimes the Parvo virus can cause symptoms like that. Other than that, I think that the poor thing was just so abused by some uncaring jerk, that she finally died.

As the above poster said, you are very kind, sounds like something I would have done as well.
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Hi. Yes, Parvo was my first thought too. As long as your little guy has had all his shots, it should be okay. Make sure by having the vet check him over when you can. Well done for helping the stray - at least they enjoyed some comfort and love before passing. Tony
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Blessings to you. You saved her and helped her in her final hours. You gave her comfort, warmth, love and shelter.

It may have been she was starved so much or dehydrated so badly, it had completely weakened her system, and poor little thing had lost all her strength to fight.

Usually, if it's Parvo, there is a very very bad stench about the feces. It doesn't smell like 'poop' but much worse. I'm not saying that's always the case -I don't know 100% but it's been that way in my experience, and I have also read similar.

Poor little girl. Bless her Soul. RIP little white dog.
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