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Please help bloated puppy

I left my dog in my fathers care while i was at a friends. I came home to him being very bloated to the point where he cant walk and it feels like touching a balloon animal. Is there anything i can do to help him? Im scared hes going to die and he wont eat or drink anything. Please help!!!!
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How old is the dog, what breed, and what are the other symptoms besides the bloating and decreased appetite? Any vomiting/diarrhea/trouble breathing? I would suggest gettting the dog to a vet right away; time could be of the essence if he is experiencing GDV (bloat)!
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Bloat can be life threatening. This might be a twisted stomach,some breeds are more prone this. Was your Dad feeding him and ,if so what?
Only first aid I know about, if it is gas,is a stomach tube but even I would hesitate trying that.
Agree, would try to get the pup to the Vet ASAP!!!!
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When puppies do not eat or drink it should always be treated as life threatening.
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