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Poll: Do your dogs sleep with you?

Just curious.

Our 2 Dobes and Great Dane sleep with us.  Our king size bed is NOT big enough.
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Nope.  But, we do let them on the bed during the day, especially our small dogs.  But the bed is for us at night.  All three we have sleep in their own crate seperately.
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There was a time that my husband adamantly refused to allow dogs on the bed.  That changed when we adopted Maggie.  Hubby is so in love with this dog that it took only one night of her crying in the crate before he gave up and brought her in with us.  On cold nights she gets right between us on the pillows, and I usually end up with my face rammed into her backside the rest of the night.  Oh well, her coat is so soft she feels like a plush baby toy, and luckily she doesn't suffer from gas!  :-)
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I have 2 small pug/beagle mixes- one is 8lbs and one is about 14lbs- we have a queen size bed and have recently had to have them stop sleeping in with us because of lack of room! How do you do it with those 3 huge dogs?!! We allow ours in with us on the weekend because we can sleep in a little- both crawl up between us and lay sideways taking up as much room as they can! but during the week they go in their crate.
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But I will admit that I have several times pulled our little Chihuahua in bed with us.  When it gets real cold, he likes to crawl under the covers.  But we are afraid that we will roll over in the middle of the night and crush him, he's so little.  Years ago we had a cockapoo that we used to let sleep with us.  He just laid on my feet all night.  Now that spot is taken by one of our cats.  

It seems the only time the cats can get any attention is when the dogs are in their crates.  They don't think that is fair, since there were here first......... ;^)
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Our dog sleeps on our bed all day, at night he will lay for a few minutes with is then he goes on the floor to his own bed. He likes his bed and it is right up against ours!
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our dog is allowed to sleep anywhere he wants except our bed or my sons.  He knows it too....doesnt even try anymore
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