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Pro Biotics for Dogs, same as for horses?

I stopped by Tractor Supply to get some wet (canned) dog food, looking for fish based and decided to check also for Pro Biotics Such as Vetri Science dog treats.  I asked for help and they came up with a product:  Probios Microbial Powder in the horses section of the store.  The label provides advice for dogs as well as general farm animals.  It prescribed 1 teaspoon per day for dogs over 10 pounds.  Any experience/opinions about this approach to increase Pro Biotics in a dog's diet?  It may be tasteless and could be sprinkled along with some water on dry kibble I will guess.

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Thanks, the product I found locally was at Tractor Supply and the ProBio was not in the dog/cat section, it was in the horse section. But the container lists dosage for dogs as already noted in my post.  Sorry to repeat.

I believe this product is a powder.  I have also ordered from a Web based pet pharmacy a bag of ProBio treats.

I have no past experience with ProBio but I have received several recommendations to give it a try as I continue to fight Yeast problems in our rescue Westie.  As I live and learn I have concluded he is allergic to beef and I fee no grain kibble as his basic diet.
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I am a dog groomer and actually use a lot of products for horses. Just watch the dosage as a dog weighs nowhere near what a horse does. Good luck, should work just fine. Might try just putting it on the kibble dry and stirring it in unless you mix his food with water all the time.
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