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Problems after neutering

Last Wednesday we took our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be neutered. Everything went as planned. That night he was in more pain than what other dogs I've had was. He cried on and off all night. From then he has steadily gotten worse. Then Tues he stopped eating and crying out if you touched him anywhere. Wed was worse, he didn't want to walk at all and still not eating. I took him to the vet who said everything was fine, she thought he had ulcers and gave him meds for that. Thurs he still isn;t walking at all, and now it's been 48 hours since he has used the restroom. She doesn't want me to bring him back in till Mon, but I'm scared he isn't gonna make it till then. He was just fine before the surgery, I think it has something to do with that. I also forgot to state that he also had diarrhea those days before he stopped using it all together. I'm so worried about him and aggrevated with my vet, please help.  
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I'd be finding another Vet to check him and get a second opinion and would not wait until Monday
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I'd be aggrevated with your Vet, too!  DO NOT wait till Monday!!  I agree with Margot....Is it possible to find another Vet today? Your dog should not go without peeing any longer.....A Vet will be able to express his bladder (Manually) and see what's going on....

By Chance, is your dog taking any pain medication? Did they give him anything at the Vet or to take home?

Start calling around before this turns into an Emergency Room visit this weekend.....Good luck...Please caome back and let us know what you find out.....I'll be thinking about you both....Karla
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Absolutely! If you haven't got another vet on the case already -do it right now.
It sounds like the vet who did the surgery is either shirking his post-surgery duty, or he hasn't a clue what he's doing. My guess on this is that your dog has an infection. He will probably need IV fluids, and antibiotics.....The quicker the better
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Any update????  Please, I'm worried about your guy.........Karla
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