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Pup congested after spay and waking herself up snorting and unable to breathe

I have an 8mos old 8lb shih tzu/Brussels mix. Took her last Monday to vet because she had thrown up at least 10x,s that day. Blood work perfect but vet thought she may have had uterine infection and wanted to do spay next day. She had spay surgery on Tuesday and no uterine infection. She did though day after day continue to be lethargic and not wanting to eat a whole lot. My biggest concern was that she was very very congested from after surgery. I Took her back to vet Friday because still congested and lethargic and now diareah. vet tested her and she came back positive for Giardia (parasite). She's on parasite meds and antibiotic. She seemed to be doing much better till she woke up this morning snorting and gasping like she couldn't breathe thru her nose. Calmed her down took her in bathroom w warm steam but did it again tonight for even longer. Has happened both times while sleeping. I'm taking her back to vet tomorrow but I am absoloutely at my wits end. Don't know if vet is missing something but my heart breaks for my pup. Any advice or ideas would be so greatly appreciated
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AWWW, Girl I know you are worried, and it tares at your heart! Anyway, My HYDRO, my pug mixed was doing this and took him to the vet and he was backward sneezing! Almost like he couldn't breath and was snorting at the same time. I was concerned , vet said it was normal! All my little dogs do it, You just rub their little throats, and comfort them until it passes! Well, I hope this helps and gud luck to you and your little pooch!
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Was going to mention possible reverse sneezing too, not uncommon in those breeds.
Your dog is a mix but I suggest you do a Google search on each breed to see what health issues they can have, might help you out.
Often the National Breed club web sites will address health issues also and give you some insight.

If you are treating for Giardia, good thing that was discovered.  Often does not show up in every stool.  Make sure you wash the bowls daily in hot, soapy water or diluted bleach.  Try to confine the dog to going potty in one area and clean right away and you can spray the area with a diluted bleach solution.  Wash bedding, etc and keep your hands washed.
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