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We clean up after our dogs everytime they go to the bathroom.  We have like a bin with bag we put it in than put in our normal dumpster once a week to go out.  Well today I see somethign on the top that looked like rice, opened it up and they were crawling around.  I think they were maggots (fly ) ewww grose.  Our garbage comes tomorrow luckily, but do I need to worry about any of them crawling around my back yard with the puppies, do I need to worry about them getting in my house.  I am just kind of freaked out they are so grose. Help!

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Yes, sounds like maggots.  Doubt they will leave the trash.
What I have I'd a small size metal van with a lid.  I put a plastic liner inside.  All dog fecal matter goes in this can.  It has a tight fitting lid.  When our trash goes out, we take out the plastic liner bag, tie it and throw that in the trash can the night before pick up.
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Sorry, me and this iPad!!!

I have a small size metal trash can with a lid.

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Let's see....No, you don't need to worry about them getting in the house......However, you might google  Maggots & see if what they look like is what your seeing.....I don't have much time right now.....

My first thought, though (By your description) is Tape Worms....They look like Rice segments & you will also find them stuck around the anal area (In the fur) of the dogs.....

If this is the case, ALL dogs will have to be treated by your Vet! DO NOT purchase any OTC wormer & hope for the best! They are dangerous AND DO NOT work. Plus, you will risk toxicity  & possible death from the Poisons.....You'll have to get the medicine from your Vet! (For ALL dogs AND puppies).

If it is indeed Tapes, They come from Fleas, so any flea problem would have to be addressed also or your fighting a loosing battle.....Good luck, Karla

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My first thought was Taoe worms too bu
T I bet they are maggots.
Good idea to look up photos.
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