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My Pitbull had TEN puppies one month and two days ago. Its staring to get cold out and im wondering when i can take them out for their first time just in the yard. They are walking and have started eating gruel.
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Wow, TEN, isn't that unusual, maybe a record?

I don't know what Gruel is, but I assume that means the puppies are now taking in more than mother's milk - the mother must be exhausted.

I'm not a puppy expert, but respond mostly in response the the large number of puppies.  What is the normal (not pregnant weight of the mother?

On outside, how cold is it?  MN has got to be in general cold.  I'd think outside would be fine if the temperature is over 40 degrees and the puppies are supervised.  What is their size, is there a chance a hawk would try to take one?
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That is quite a litter!  How cold is it?  They are still pretty young and need to maintain their body temps.  
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