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Puppy ate hard plastic toy!

During the night my 8 month old Daisy ate a portion of a hard plastic toy that appeared to be made out of old tire but now that it's torn up, I see it wasn't. It 'belonged' to our old dog who doesn't like it and we had given it to Daisy just yesterday afternoon.

I didn't realize she'd chewed it up until she made an 'ouch' sort of sound when pooping and I saw all the black plastic. She's had another good sized bm since then and it was 90% plastic. I THINK she's pooped it all out and there was no blood on the bm (med. brown bm) and no mucous. Some of the pieces were an inch long and sort of sharp!

She's bugging my old dog, playing, eating and drinking fine and I've touched her tummy with no complaints. She has a vet appt. on Thursday for a recheck on a minor ear infection.

She'll chew up anything we give her! She has a Kong toy she can't 'eat' and some true bones that she's worn down with her teeth but any toy, even Scooter's 9 year old favorites, are fair game.

She's eating well and drinking well. I am concerned but as much as I've found in her BM, there couldn't be more than a tiny bit left, if any.  She played ball with me and has acted fine all day. It's been 8 hours since the BM and probably closer to 12 hours since she ate the plastic.   She's only 33 lbs but always has huge, big dog BM's. Bigger than my 106 lb black labs!

Here's the toy


In the photo, the largest plastic piece is actually two pieces up against each other.  

I called my vet who said to watch her but since she's passed so much, she should be fine.  I'm still scared, tho.
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Diane--WOW, you've got a handle on this.....Good job!!!
I agree--As much of this toy that has been expelled & by your description that she IS pooping, leads me to believe that she'll be fine!

The fact that she is not vomiting and IS pooping, says her digestive system IS working correctly and there is NO blockage... You may continue to see a few pieces of toy, expelled for a few days.....

AGAIN, You did a great job by the way..Your description & photos are excellent....Especially, the pieces of plastic that she passed.....Most people wouldn't have done all that.....If you think her anal area is cut or scratched (& it's bugging her), you can put a little OTC antibiotic ointment on it, a few times a day......Let us know & good luck  :)  Karla

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24 hours later...... This morning's large BM was the color of her food with a very few black specs.  I dug these out to make sure it wasn't dried blood bits but it was flecks of plastic.  The ONLY symptom I've seen is she has licked her butt a few times BUT during the first BM with all the plastic, one piece had remained sticking out and I had to gently pull out the little end that remained and that probably scratched the opening.
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Thanks!    It's been over 48 hours since she first pooped the plastic and BM's have been 'all clear' for about 24 hours.  I was so very concerned and appreciate your help and kind words!

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Your welcome.....Again, GREAT JOB!!!!  Karla
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great.. It is a good topic.
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All's well 3 1/2 days later.  Today is our regular vet visit (well baby LOL) so I'll take the bag and toy with me but no symptoms, no more plastic, etc.
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