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Puppy is already received Antibiotics, new Symptoms are still appearing

Have a puppy who is the runt of the litter. At about 10wks her nose was super swollen, we thought the cat  got her.  We took into the bedroom with us.  Next day ear and eye discharge, kind of lethargic. She's usually very rambunctious.  Had some dry patches of skin (like 2).

Vet said she's pretty sick, eye infection, double ear infections, a mite called DX.  Talked about possibly being immunocompromised bc of size and runt issues.  

Puppy was given eye drops, ear drops, an injection of antibiotics, Nexguard, Capstar.  Discussed probiotics and feeding formula and wet food for added nutrition and immune support. (Vet visit happens on Saturday)

She started eating much better.  Eye discharge is almost all gone, ear discharge done.  Perked up quite a bit, still tires easy, in a matter of 24-48 hrs started seeing improvement.

On Monday I note to decent sized bubbles on her back when I come home in the evening, look like abscesses. They ruptured the next morning.  I clean them with warm water and towel. They're not too deep, look pretty clean.  I Neosporin them 3x's a day.  

I notice today her lumph nodes are now swollen in her neck.  She's still doing all the treatments, the vet said the injection will be good for a while. She's still eating well, still perky and good attitude, doesn't seem to be in pain. And weirdly enough she looks like she's grown a ton in the last few days.

I called Vet they said they can't give any advice unless I bring her in.  

Should I be concerned about the additional symptoms, or just wait it out since she's on multiple antibiotic forms and still eating and in good spirits?  Is there anything else I can do to help her?


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I am so sorry you waited such a long time for a reply.
How is your puppy doing?

You are already doing all you can to help her and she is struggling but fighting back bless her.
It sounds like the treatment protocol was helping. But something else has broken through here. She may need a different antibiotic, or a longer course?

Definitely at least call the vet back and talk to him about these new problems. No doubt he will want you to bring her in for examination. Do that.
I do hope she will be getting better soon.
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