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Puppy with worms.


I am the new owner of a 6 week old puppy. We don't know his exact age. The vet estimated. He's a lab golden retriever mix. He has been mistreated which is why he's away from his momma too soon.

He was full of fleas which I have managed to remove using dawn. I took him for his first vet check two days ago they morning after I got him, where he had his first shots and his first ever dose of wormer.

Yesterday he was pooping a lot, diarrhea like. Sometimes with roundworm in it and sometimes without. Today he hasn't been as much and it's still not solid but is better than yesterday, but there have been live roundworm every time. After he ate his lunch he went and there was one worm hanging out of his behind which I had the unpleasant job of removing.

I have been unable to contact my vet after trying, will call tomorrow but for now I'm a little worried. Is he like this because the wormer is working or because he is heavily infested? It it safe for him to have another dose of wormer?

He is eating plenty, drinking. He's very happy in himself, playful and affectionate. What you'd expect from a regular puppy.
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So glad you took him to the Vet!  He must really be infested.  I assume the Vet wanted to do another treatment?  What food are you feeding?  If he is eating, drinking and playful, I would not worry too much.  It the diarrhea became worse, he was lethargic, etc, I would get him in to get checked.  Since he has seen the Vet and the Vet has dispensed meds, I would contact the Vet with these questions.  
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