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How often a puppy goes to the bathroom
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Well...it depends on how old the puppy is. Younger pups go very often and are very unpredictable. Our Springer puppy went after nap time, after all meals and fluids, and randomly through out the day when she was 8-18 weeks. Now at 5 months old she goes after meals and nap time mostly and can hold her bladder for more than 2 hours and all night.

When potty training a puppy you will need to take him/her out every 2 hours and after meals and naps. He/she will be much more interested in play than pottying so you can expect to be out there a while and sometimes the second you come in she/he will go on the floor. Puppy Pee Pads are great for saving your carpet. If you see your puppy circling his/her favorite spot get her/him out fast. Reward the puppy and make of it after every successful potty time. I do not scold our puppy for accidents...they are babies and cannot always hold their bladders as well as grown dogs. It can take some time but the friendly potty method makes your puppy want to potty outside so you will praise him/her. Dogs want to please us, so be patient and your puppy will learn to go out side. It will just take dedication and time on your part.

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When my puppy went to the bathroom outside, I praised her like there is no tomorrow and I always gave her treats.  It worked like magic.  She learned soon to hold her bladder (she still has accidents though, she is 9 mo old).  Now she goes to the bathroom 4 times a day (no 1 and no 2), that's how many times I take her out.  She went more often when she was younger, usually after she ate.
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My 3 month old Boxer ate a rotten Potatoe yesterday. He's having very liquidy stool. He's not eating and barely drinking water. He vomited twice this morning; the second time his puke was foamy. I'm low on money right now. Is this severe enough to go to the Vet?? :(
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Boy, I'd at least call your vet and get some advice. It's important that he keeps drinking water. I'd withhold food for a good 8 hours and give his stomach a chance to settle. I'd also keep a close eye on him to make sure he's getting better and not worse. Kaopectate is safe for dogs, as is Pepcid. One of those might help him. How much does he weigh?
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