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Rash care for dog

My dog has a rash that one vet thinks was caused by my dog rubbing her butt on the carpet after her anal glad was impacted, another vet thinks that it was caused by a food allergy. So at this point my dog has an e-collar on and I am putting silver oxide on her rash.  I am thinking she might need to be on a steroid shot too?  What have you all found helpful in this situation.  
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What are the particulars for the dog:  breed, age, history?

Does the dog have any odder, corn chips?  

Is the dog still doing "crop circles" on the carpet?  

Food allergies seem to be more common in some breeds, e.g., Westie.  

Most dogs benefit from no grain kibble, and canned food of good quality.  Some have protein allergies and the usual way is to limit diet to one protein and grain free.  A switch to a wild "meat" like version or salmon is worth trying.

Did you change the dog's dies before the rash cropped up?  If yes, then return to the old diet.

Food allergies can be hard to find and if there has been no change in the dog's diet I'll say food allergy is unlikely.  
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I don't recall what I feed her before this started up. I had also later changed her diet to a food that she used to eat. I will take her off of this and see if it helps. She is an Aussie/ BC mix. I called up to another vet today to see if she had any idea, she said to bring her in, which I will try to do tomorrow as I cannot stand to see my dog in pain. I am doing everything I know of for her.
I will post what I find out so it might help others.
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Have you any diagnosis?  

There are many things a vet can do, including steroids, that will effect a "fix" but not a cure.  The root problem has to be identified and corrected.

I'd not suggest just changing food, one has to make a serious commitment to limiting what a dog eats for several weeks to determine if there is any improvement.  But, again, a good start would be to eliminate grain from any Kibble preparations.
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Sorry for not getting back on here. I don't recall what the fix for her was, she still scoots on the rug, still don't know what this is. Maybe I should change her food up and see if this helps.

I poke my head here sometimes, so forgive me if you see me posting late.    
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