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Really need help for my old dog

My 9 year old beagle is not neutured. This has led to an enlarged prostate and he is on a medication (Not sure of name but they are pink tablets) for it. I want to get him neutured, but my vet is old fashioned, and doesn't recommend surgury.

My dog literally leaks blood constantly all over the house due to the enlarged prostate. Also, today my mom was walking him and for the first time ever, she couldnt control him he made her fall, got out of his leash and ran across the road to a small female dog. The owner quickly picked up the dog and said she's in heat. My dog would not leave the area, and I had to come with my car to get him in.

He has NEVER had a behavioural issue with other dogs before. I'm starting to wonder if the medication is making him worse or just the fact he's getting older.

Anyway my question is, should I seek another vet to get him neutured? Is he too old to be neutered? He also has a hernia that could be repaired at the same time. Again I really like my current vet, as he doesn't overcharge, but he doesn't like surgury. For the hernia he says 'lets wait and see', even though i've heard they can be fatal.

The only other thing is we changed his food recently, slowly from science diet to wellness core reduced fat.
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OK, so it sounds like your vet is very nonproactive. This may be because he/she is not confident with surgical procedures. Or, just has a belief that surgery is for humans only. Not sure. The best thing would be to call around to other vets offices and see which one is most reasonable. Surgery, even if it is just to drain and clean the wound, would be the best option, I would guess. Best of luck to you.
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I forgot to add to my question. Would letting him mate with a female dog (Spayed) help the problem? Would it hurt him or make things worse? or have no effect. More specifically for the leaking blood.
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