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Red bump under dogs paw + hotspot on same leg :(

Just noticed a nickel sized hotspot on my 7 yr old cockers back left leg, near the knee. Then I noticed her licking that paw and discovered a red lump under one of the pads - size of a large pea and looks irritated, bled a few drops after she was biting.

We started giving her a few supplements about a month ago so think it could be a reaction to those - is this possible? Im concerned b/c both of the lesions are on the same leg.

We put a collar on her so she cant lick/bite, but was wondering if there were any suggestions on a natural mix to spray on it (people suggested an Epsom salt mix?) Our vet said if they don't improve in 10 days to bring her in

Thanks! Including pics in the next 2 posts.

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I can't say for sure I know what this is. There could possibly be a little thorn embedded between her pads? It could have set up an infection? The spot higher up her leg, near her knee....there is a lymph node up there near the knee. I wonder if it's up a bit? Of course I can't see exactly where this 'hotspot' is. But if the node is up, it could be because there is infection in her paw. That's natural, the lymph node doing its job protecting the system from infection spreading. However it would be a sign this needs careful treatment.

I always use Tincture of Echinacea for things like this. I prefer that because it usually works a treat, and quite quickly with no danger to the dog. But I don't know if you can easily get that. You could use Hydrogen peroxide, or Epsom salts, but that might dry the wound a little too much. Or if you have an antibiotic cream, try that. Plain salt water will often help, but will sting if the wound is open or weeping.

Whatever first-aid method you use, I wouldn't wait TOO long. If it doesn't improve in a day or two, get the vet to check this.

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Thanks for your reply! Im going to the vet tomorrow. It got better on day two, but today (day 3) its swollen and worse. She is in no pain and running on it perfectly fine which I can't believe! I took a bunch of close up pics and haven't seen any weird objects but if it was something like glass I wouldn't see it. Are the huge ball things filled with pus or is it just swelling? UGH! The pads look all distorted and stretched.

Attached a picture of both spots from just now. The bump is now twice the size :( She wont let us near them so I don't know how the vet is going to get a look/feel at the areas.


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My dog is having the same problem. What did your vet. say?
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Just a reminder that this thread was started September 2009, that's 2 1/2 years ago. The last post by the original poster was also two and a half years ago. As far as I know, this member has not posted here since. I doubt if there will be a reply from her.

It's always best, if you have a question about your dog, to start a whole new thread of your own, which is easy. Just click on the orange box at the top right of the page where it says "post a question" and that question will get a lot of attention I'm sure, and quite quickly. Tacking onto the end of a really old thread can often get missed.

Give as much detail as you can about what's the matter with your dog. Detail helps everyone understand what could be going on.

But I'll just give you my advice, and that's to take her to the vet and get her feet checked out very soon. It's always best to do that, rather than waiting for a reply here.
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