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Red pigmentation around mouth and bridge of nose but never changes or goes away?

So my Pitbull is black and white. He’s about 11 months old but ever since we first got him when he was 13 weeks he has had this light red pigmentation around his mouth and on the bridge around his nose. Other than that he’s perfectly fine but I keep looking up what it could be and I can’t find anything. If anyone knows what it could be or something please let me know? I’ve heard that he could be a black and white red nose but I’ve never heard of that nor seen a photo of one and I’d really like to know whether it’s just his breed or if it’s a skin irritation
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In all honesty, I really think some dogs just have this.  My dog is a mix breed, black and white nd also has red around her snout and mouth.  Mostly it is where the white fur is. And her belly is a bit of a pink color.  I think this is just natural pigmentation in their skin. If your pup isn't itching and the area doesn't look irritated and has been like this a long time, I'd just consider that one of her unique traits.  :>))  When you say skin irritation?  Is it irritated?
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