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Regurgitating dog with diarrhea and under active intestines

My 2 year old golden doodle ( golden retriever and poodle mix) went from extremely healthy to extremely sick in a matter of hours last week.  We woke up to him vomiting his food from the night before, and then continuing to vomit or regurge bile/fluid for the rest of the day.  He also had diarrhea.  We took him in and they gave him an iv under the skin and sent him home.  He declined and became very lethargic.  Now, after 5 days, he has been in the hospital the whole time and it seems his stomach and intestines are not draining the fluid, but we are not sure why.  We have done x rays, multiple ultrasounds, an endoscopy, biopsies, and even exploratory surgery, and everything is normal except the villi in the intestines don't seem to be a lively as usual and the intestines in general are under active when the DMV took them out.  There is no blockage, and they are swollen a bit, but mostly filled with gas and fluid.  

We have two days to let him recover from surgery and see if the new biopsies show anything, but if we can't find anything, we will have to put him to sleep.  Please help, we are so upset and confused with what is going on.  He seems to be the best right after they drain the fluid from his stomach, but then as it fills back up, he becomes lethargic and sick, continuing to regurge liquid an uninterested in eating or drinking.  Te vet is now saying maybe mother nature will turn things around, which seems to be our only hope for him at this point.  Any help is appreciated.
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Bump for Ghilly.....
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I went through so much guilt lately because of my Jack who was my 4 year old Yorkie when things went bad. What I have found is sometimes you can do everything possible and you can't prevent nature from taking it's course. My Jack was always sick with something, but he did have his good days. Your dog is so young being 2, you would think he has youth working for him. Not really knowing what he has can be terrible as not knowing and not being able to do anything. My Jack had an internal shunt in his liver and we knew he only had a short time. It still was a shock. It sounds like your Vet is doing everything possible for your pup. I will pray for him and you that he gets through this, because I know he's your family and you are doing your best for him.
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They never told you what was causing all this signs?? I always say that vets have to be honest with the owners and never hide them the cause of the situation or it's prognosis. It could be an infection like parvo or something caused by some e-coli...if it's a healthy dog and it's under vet care, he's going to be ok.
When the changes happen that fast, 99% of the times it's due to an infection, and they have cure! They usually last between 7 to 15 days with treatment. So relax and trust your vets =)
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There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what is wrong with our pets because they cannot tell us in words how or what they are feeling!  I am so sorry that you are going through this right now!

What is confusing me is that he has diarrhea but almost no gut motility.  During diarrhea, the intestines are in hyperdrive, pushing things through at many times the normal speed, yet his intestines are barely moving.  It makes me wonder if his vagus nerve is somehow involved.  Have you had him tested for diabetes?  Diabetic neuropathy CAN be responsible for this type of thing, and even though he is young, he can still be diabetic.  It might be worth mentioning it to his vet.  

Please continue to post and let us know how he is doing.  In the meantime, I will pick the brains of several of my veterinary friends to see if they have anything to offer.

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Thanks for your responses.  This has been a horrible and very sad week.  We tested for addisions, hopeful yesterday, only to find out that it's not that.  The dvm gave Leo a small dose of steroids yesterday, and then he ate a jar of baby food, but not without encouragement.   Later in the afternoon, he Vomited everything. They tried keeping him off the iv, but he needed fluid within hours.  We have one last shot if we can get an appointment at uc Davis, but if we can't we can try keeping him at home, but who knows.  We can't afford icu treatment any longer.

Any ideas would be helpful....
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Ashley...I'm praying for you and Leo.....I so hope that this can be turned around...Please, keep us updated......Karla
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