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Retriever Died Suddenly - What Happened?

My family is deeply saddened by the death of our 71/2 year old golder retriever - "Buddy".  There are no words to say how wonderful and beautiful Buddy was.  Yesterday started to be a normal day for Buddy.  I was on the couch and he came up to me looking fine and then his eyes started to shift, he began to sway and finally fell to the ground.  He was awake, but he could not move.   We rushed him to the animal hospital were the doctor gave him oxygen and began to ask us questions.  The doctor did not know were to began, because Buddy was in such bad shape..  He asked if Buddy had ate some medicine or sniffed some poison, which the answer was no.  The doctor could not tell us what happened to Buddy.  Everything happened so fast!  Within an hour he went from fine to gone..
We have three children who are also mourning the loss of their dog and all I keep wondering is why?
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You won't know for certain unless you ask your vet to do a post-mortem exam (autopsy).  There are a gazillion different things that could have happened, including heart attack or a stroke.  The same thing happened with my neighbor's lab who was 13.  It was a Saturday morning and they were doing their usual route: he read the paper while the dog rested her head in his lap.  She pushed her head under the newspaper, licked his hand, and fell over dead.  That fast.  

Sometimes it's just our Time.  You did nothing wrong and everything right.  The only saving grace is that Buddy didn't have to suffer through a long protracted, miserable illness at the end of his life.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  :-(
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I'm so sorry for your loss.  Having recently gone through it with my dog, I do understand.  Please find reassurance in the fact that he went quickly and peacefully surrounded by the ones he loved.

God bless.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  Our pets are our babies and to lose one is so painful and leaves such an empty place in our hearts.  My baby is in fourth stage renal failure, so please in time find  peace that he left so quickly.  I know this is just words right now, but you will find comfort in this as time passes.  aggieone
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Thanks for everyone’s comments.  It's hard when you don't have any answers.  I think about him every minute.  I now wonder if there is something in my house or environment that caused his death.  Given I have children, I can't help but worry.  The vet says it to late to do a post mortem.
I guess I will never know what happened to my poor Buddy....
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I am also so saddened by your loss.  We also loss our beloved retreiver Jeb, at the same age (7 years).  He was fine and then boom he was laying around the house and then I noticed he looked yellow in his eyes.  We took him to the vet where they diagnosed him with liver cancer (which the vet says is VERY common in this breed).  It is devastating to lose a dog at what I consider a young age.  There was nothing we could do, we brought him back home for one day to be with us and our children.  We had to put him to sleep.  It was the hardest thing I ever did, he was our best friend.  The only thing I can tell you is we got another golden a year later and they are nothing alike.  My vet told us not to get another of the same breed because Jeb was unusual for a golden, never chewed anything up and was very calm, not hyper at all.  I would advise to get another breed of dog if and when you may get another dog.  I wouldn't rule out cancer, just because our retriever was also fine and within three days we had to put him to sleep. There was no warning, in fact, he had bloodwork done only two months before and nothing showed up.  My thoughts are with you.
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Yesterday was the worst day for me and my family.Our retreiver Harley,died suddenly.He was rushed to the Vets. and was pronounced dead.We are wlking around in a fog.Harley,was rescued by us after his own didn't want him.He was tied out on a deck all the time.We had Harley for 8 wonderful years.Our thoughts are with you. goma48
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