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Root canal versus Extraction on dogs

Hello! My dog bumped his head sometime and now his top canine tooth is a pinkish color. Took him to the vet and of coarse it's dead and suggested I wait and see and if it becomes infected it can be extracted. I know from doing a search online some sites suggest a root canal while others say extraction is fine when needed. What are peoples experiences and opinions? Thank you!
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My opinion is to get the tooth removed. Once out it can never be any trouble again. If an infection sets in, it might be a few days before it is noticed. You dog won't miss it.

A dog doesn't miss a tooth.
The extraction would be over in about 5 minutes.
Even a root canal can go bad given time!

But of course that does depend on your dog's general fitness for anesthetic so as with all other anesthetics and surgeries, have his blood analysis done first.

And cook up some chicken soup for when he comes home! He will thank you for it.
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Thank you and great idea about the chicken soup.
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