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Safe diet for my dog

My dog is overweight, he is currently on a chicken and rice diet, please advise if anyone has had success with this?
Rusty is a pug/chiahuahua mix that is very precious to me.
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Hi. Yes, chicken and rice is a good base diet for dogs to lose weight, BUT success is entirely dependent on quantity versus exercise. It probably goes without saying that treats are another big issue, and many owners are very surprised by the amount they may be feeding in between meals. There are lots of websites that will advise on the quantity and type of food to give a healthy dog, according to breed and size, and with the intention of losing weight slowly but progressively.

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  I think you have hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I'm like an  Italian mother with the food/love. The "cookies" need to go until I can get him at a healthy weight. I try to take him on "walks" but Rusty will not just walk, he is more interested in leaving his mark (and other things, can't forget the little blue bags!) They used to give obedience lessons for a small cost at Fair Oaks Parks & Rec but don't have it anymore :( Whoever taught that class was really good because all the dogs and owners who worked at it had wonderful success. That was my dog before Rusty who was a red dachshund named Brandy. I had her from 9wks to 16 yrs. Anyway, thank you Tony
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Hi. Given the chance, all dogs will "meander" on a walk, but this isn't the way to get them properly exercised. I'm guessing you are using a long lead. This is a no, no, for keeping the walk going, i.e. walking, not meandering and sniffing. On a short lead, a dog can be kept under control and at your side, which means you decide where the dog goes, rather than the other way around. Try it ... it works!

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Yes all dogs love to stop and sniff! But look on the bright side...it's not as bad as walking a CAT!! lol!

Tony's idea of having Rusty beside you more as you walk, and keeping the movement going -is quite a good one. That doesn't mean he gets no 'sniff and mark' time, but just that you get moving more, I think.

Are there any woods, fields, large grassy areas where he can play frisbee or fetch games? Would he come back to you immediately if whistled or called? That can make a difference. Some dogs aren't safe to be let off leash to play and run as they won't come back and that can be dangerous.

Meal portion sizes are important. And dogs are naturally greedy, so they look at you with a wagging tail and doe-eyes, and appear to be hungry (even when they are not really!) They are great food opportunists. Some people fall into the trap of thinking they are starving hungry when they are just trying to get more food!
Then when they get a bit tubby, they don't even want to move about much because it's harder work. So it's a catch-22 situation.

I used to give Misty tiny pieces of apple as a snack, She loved that. Some dogs love to chew on a carrot (Misty didn't but some do.) That is good for them and won't pile on the pounds.

Chicken and rice is great for them for a short time, but not for weeks and weeks as there aren't enough nutrients for them in just that. They need other stuff. Fish is good for dogs, and I've never met a dog yet who didn't like fish. But not for weeks and weeks either. Good lean red meat will do no harm either. But smaller portions!  Fewer treats and snacks. And plenty of exercise.
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  Excellent ideas thank you much for them. Rusty and I continue along his good health and fun regime. :) I have started adding raw veggies to his food to, he loves carrots.
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Thank you so much for your care and concern for Rusty. Your love for dogs shows. Ginger lives on in our hearts.
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