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Safest Tick Treatment

Can you advise me of the safest product to buy to keep ticks off of my dog?
I've read some treatments to rid cats of fleas attack the central nervous system.
I don't know much about the dangers of these products for dogs.
Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks. Maxy
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ticks are hard to keep off a dog. Is your dog inside or outside? How much does he weigh? I have dogs with very sensitive skin and systems and this past summer I bought seresto collars for them. yes they are very expensive but I had NO flea or tick problems the whole summer and the collars have a 6-8 month usage.
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She's a medium size lab mix. Outdoor and we live on a farm in the Costa Rician rain forest. I'll try the collar instead of the chemical that applies to her coat. I'm really nervous about those chemicals causing central nervous system damage. Thank you!
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For now I'm going to use natural neem oil. Just rub it on her neck and back.
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