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Seeking alternative to Phenobarbital drug treatment for epilepsy

Hi, my nearly five year old male German Wirehaired Pointer, who was PennHipped twice - and diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia, now had a second witnessed epileptic seizure - two weeks apart. He started treatment on Phenomav 100mg/12/24,  plus three Liver Detox tabs/day. As his hips already are weak with muscle wastage/he walks with a limp, his mobility deteriorated after one day of treatment, and he had trouble rising or walking. After a week, the vet suggested to halve his dose to 50 mg/12/24. He improved for two days, now he is gone in the hindlegs again, the hips are very wasted away, my dog cannot climb in the car anymore, still sleeps a lot, day or night. when standing, he often wants to stretch out his hindlegs, then he loses balance and crashes down. My request is for information about an alternative drug to Phenobarbital, which will not have the same effect on his hindquarters. Looking forward to your advise.
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Hi. That's a tricky question. The trouble is all anti-convulsants, as far as I know, have similar side effects, causing weakness, drowsiness, drunk-like states. These side effects do wear off once a therapeutic level has been found and once the system has got used to it (between 2 and 8 weeks from the start of the drug). I think it may be better to be patient, be extra vigilant and supervise as much as possible until the side effects disappear. Two weekly blood tests will help determine the right dosage faster than once a month or (as some vets advise) once every 2 months.

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Today is day eleven, since my dog was started on Phenomav, his ataxia seems to have eased a little, and he was able to rise at the first attempt. I will be walking him daily, trying to build up his muscles.
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