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Seizure/Muscle Spams

For months my Jack Russell Terrier has been having seizures/muscle spasms.  Symptoms such as:  A few seconds of his muscles spasming - sometimes it seems to be just the back legs, and other times the whole body.  Occasionally, he will start to fall over, but can sometimes catch himself.  Sometimes he will stand quietly and looks from side to side before the seizure starts.  At other times he will seem to freeze for 30-60 seconds -- as if he wants to finish laying down, getting comfortable, etc., but he just can't move.  I think he's sore (maybe arthritis too?) - doesn't like to be picked up or handled.    These symptoms only happen when he is in a relaxed state - we've never seen them when walking him or when he's excited in any way.  He now drools when begging (never did that before).  Spinal x-ray, blood tests and urine tests are normal.  Tested negative for lymes disease.  The two vets I've taken him to are stumped.  They've tired anti-inflammatory, steroids and antibiotics.  Nothing has helped.  He seemed to get very sick from the steriod until its effects wore off.  My husband is extremely ill with a terminal illness and I cannot leave him to run this dog from vet to vet, nor spend the money right now on extra tests.  Could these be petit mal seizures?  Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed.  He's my baby (we have no children) and I don't want to lose him (especially now with my husband dying).
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That would be my next guess: seizures.  It sounds like everything else has been ruled out.  Ask your vet if it would be reasonable to assume that he's having seizures, and treat him accordingly with small doses of phobarbital.  Has your vet actually seen one of these episodes?  If not, can you get a video when one happens to aid in diagnosis?  I'm so sorry you have to deal with a sick pup on top of your husband's illness.  Best wishes.
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We have a 3yr old Jack Russell Terrier that has seizures too and we had he at the vets and they diagnosed him with epileptic seizures and they told us they wanted to prescribe him phenobarbital and we started him on herbal remedies and found that Vitamin E and C everyday for three months and he hasn't had an episode in a while.We will pray for your husbands illness.
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